Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Real Rude Awakening: Edmund Smith's Definitions.

Before I start, I would like to point out two things that is mentioned in part of the mission statement from Real Love Ministry.


RLM is a non-profit, voluntary and charitable organization that works closely with the marginalized community, such as the illiterate, the mentally challenged, the deaf, people with AIDS (PwA) and the homosexual community.

The ultimate goal of RLM is to bring ‘real love’ or unconditional love into the lives of others. Love is real IF love is the element that motivates an individual into doing something good for someone else. In other words … it is always about WHY we do it - more than WHAT we do.

I am tired and happy. I just had a nice chat with my boy, and going to go back and sleep. Then, as a stroke of luck, I run into this in the Real Love Ministry website (http://www.r-l-m.com/definitions%20of%20words.htm). I know they are not going to change their unresearched misinformation campaign, but just in case they come to their senses and attempt eliminate the evidence of their uneducated presentation, I copied and pasted the page below:

I would not dwell too much on what he defines on gays, but I am sure they would highly disagree with some of the pure stereotypical picture painting like this:

Believes in the rights of living a homosexual lifestyle."

It is amazing how things like 'people wanting to end job discrimination based on sexual orientation' is not mentioned, and instead he paints the picture that these are just a bunch of people fighting to condone a 'lifestyle'. I am also certain the word 'lifestyle' is an insult by itself.

Edmund eats. They eat. Edmund sings. They sing. Heck, I am going to say this straight on the face. Edmund is married. They cannot. They want to have the opportunity to do so. That makes them pro-gay. And to Edmund, being gay is nothing but a life of lust, hence the use of the word lifestyle, which I really sincerely doubt.

In fact, with such depiction of reflection of sexual lust into his own gayness, it really starts to confirm the fact that the man was never gay, and really just a confused heterosexual who went into anal sex for 14 years of his life. I have seen gay men who do not like sex. So where is the 'lifestyle' is he talking about?

And surely, I would concentrate on more of his utter confused position in relations to me and my sisters:

One whose psychological gender is opposite to his/her biological gender"

A person who have had a sex change"

A person who dresses us as the opposite gender as a lifestyle"

Is something wrong with him? Is it his English? Or his simple mind creating another set of stereotypical definitions? I shudder to think this moment; a person calls me a transvestite, I ask him who says so, and he would utter, Edmund Smith!

The correct definitions are these:

Transgender (TG):
A term used to include transsexuals, transgenderists and transvestites/ Crossdressers.

Transsexual (TS):
A person who feels a consistent and overwhelming desire to transition and fulfill their lives as members of the opposite gender. These individuals have usually been diagnosed as such, by a psychologist or psychiatrist as having GID. Most transsexuals actively desire and complete Sexual-Reassignment Surgery. Transsexuals live or are in the process of living full time as the opposite gender, whether non, pre or post-op.

Transvestite (TV):
The Latin and clinical name for "Crossdresser". A person who dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex for fetishistic reasons and has no desire to transition.

Can we see the obvious differences?

I am a pre-op transsexual female, but to Edmund's logic, he is calling me, and millions of us worldwide, the word used to represent a group of men who have no desire to correct our physical gender with our internal gender, and just cross dress as a fetish lifestyle. He might as well directly insult all of us by calling us men!

He goes on to even contradict himself by his definition the umbrella terms transgender, that includes all of us that live within or without our gender roles, as if all transgenders are born transsexuals!

It also shows Edmund is a very lazy boy. All he could do was just google the words 'transgender definitions', and all the listings, even from Wikipedia, would give the accurate definitions to be presented in proper. But no! He had to cock up all these things out from his limited knowledge.

And in doing so, he that claims to help the 'marginalized' community would not be helping the most marginalized community in Malaysia, we the transsexuals; and there is no real unconditional love from him that is enough for him to just do a simple research that takes barely 15 minutes. It is just 3 words for goodness sake! Yet such glaring mistakes in meanings!

Let us read now the mission statements from them again:

RLM is a non-profit, voluntary and charitable organization that works closely with the marginalized community, such as the illiterate, the mentally challenged, the deaf, people with AIDS (PwA) and the homosexual community.

The ultimate goal of RLM is to bring ‘real love’ or unconditional love into the lives of others. Love is real IF love is the element that motivates an individual into doing something good for someone else. In other words … it is always about WHY we do it - more than WHAT we do.

So WHY are they (Edmund) doing this total garbage story telling? God knows and He will judge.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: Pastor Ho Yeow Sun Makes Asian Sexy Good In The US.

Ah yes! The super sexy heterosexual lifestyle is so good and ever ready to be flaunted, even by a former pastor who is now a 37-year old hip swinging sensation!

This self proclaimed 'geisha' was a former pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore (which she later vehemently denied, even though most Singaporeans seemed to have warmed up to her as a the 'singing pastor'. Yes dears, being heterosexual and flaunting it with your butt gives you a license to lie).

She and her husband, Reverend Dr Kong Hee, built an empire of a church:

Still, she is a hot heterosexual Christian cookie as she hollered out with a Asian Beyonce twist on da floor. And she even wants to get more sexier!

Better yet... City Harvest Church is promoting her name and albums!....

This is the video link. Gosh! I am speechless! I wish I could pull off those moves!

Here are some biography listings about her:

An interview with her with more of her pics is available at the next link. With these kinds of responses from her here, it is really difficult to believe she was once a shepard of a flock of tenths of thousands of members!

You see, heterosexuals are the superior sexual orientation (as proclaimed by Christians), so when nice homosexuals hold hands, it is a no no. But when you are a Christian and trained in a Bible college, you can revel in your hetero-SEXUALITY! It is a passport to sexiness freedom!

Yuki's choice reading:

These are the selection of reactions about Pastor Sun Ho @ Pastor Ho Yeow Sun from several blogsites in Singapore. We all can agree one thing. She is a bad example to young Christians, a hell of a worldly Christian and a shame to Christianity the religion.

But who cares, when you are living a heterosexual lifestyle!



Yuki's Funnies: The Ex-Gay Reparative Therapy.

Do you know what the ex-gay lifestyle is like? Parroting comedy is one of them. Here is one fine example. This is real, and really funny! Courtesy of http://panasonicyouth.buzznet.com. (http://panasonicyouth.buzznet.com/user/video/play/189010/)

Starring- Richard Cohen (from NARTH and PFOX)

From The Daily Show:

I wonder, is this what paranoid parents are subjecting their children to? Please!

Yuki's thoughts: With all the talk about what causes homosexuals, I wonder what causes ex-gays.

I believe it is:

The self issue- No self acceptance or letting external sources define one's self.
The vacuum issue- Society's discrimination, hatred, intolerace, prejudice and stigma.
The barrier issue - Confused heterosexuals or bisexuals who do not know who they are.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Journey.

Many who have followed my blog here would realise I have not been posting as regularly as I did previously. That is because, incredible and surprising developments had surfaced into my life, and with it; faith, hope and love. The kind that we always read about in 1 Corinthians 13. I believe I have found my life partner, a person to be with, to love and to be loved, that I had been seeking for so long.

It came at a time I had been tired of relationships, one by one it seems to crumble before me. And not men one can win my heart. Not one that would make me a better girl, all of them only left me with more bruises, pains and scars in my heart and my mind, so deep than anyone can possibly imagine. But that is in the past. Now, at every dawn I wake up too, somewhere out there, my true love is waiting. My true reflection. My refining fire and soothing ice to my aching heart and tormented soul.

I may have finally found someone to share my life with. Not that I would stop what I am doing though, but I am quite tied up with some silent goodbyes, returning people's loans, settling with banks and service providers, planning for medical check-up, going back to my hometown Ipoh, then to Thailand, then to Singapore etc etc... phew. A lot of stuff to plan and execute for the next one and a half months. And all provided for me by a sensitive, charming man. Yes, the Lord had provided me with a man.

I would probably be back to the average one post every two days which is my commitment here in this blogsite by December, a time I would be in a new place for two months with him, seeking to know more about this man, confirming my weary soul, washing away my deepest fears. And in Reflections Asia, I am waiting for one or two more authors for the site to get it alive and kicking. And he would be my partner and I am his, in combining our worlds together, advocating on behalf of our LGT brothers and sisters.

I am still trying to finish part two of 'When The Real Love Ministry Is Confused', and part three of 'The Bible Says So', for both blog sites. By the hits I have been getting for both topics, I believe everyone all around the world are ready for more. And where am I going? I do not wish to be secretive about it, but everytime I set my hopes it always seems to fall. So this time, I am keeping a silent hope. At every juncture, I will unveal something here. If everything goes well, there would be surprises for everyone, my parents, my TS sisters, my friends... and even Edmund Smith!

Nope. There had been a misunderstanding there, I had never been Edmund Smith's adversary, even though people commended me being one. I still owe a lot to him for further convicting and affirming me by his anti-transgender musings. In his negatives, I have found my positives. I wonder if he realise the impact he made in my life, so much so that I became an advocate for the LGT community.

In other words, if I had not met Edmund Smith, I would not have known about the dark world of the ex-gays and the musings of ex-gay ministries that is discriminative and prejudicial against transsexuals like me, the mind manipulation on churches by these biased ministries to incite hate and intolerance against homosexuals, and the use of political means by these groups to surpress the LGTs, even in Malaysia and Singapore. If I had not met him, there would not be a Yuki who would eventually be a counter voice. And stronger and stronger a counter voice I am becoming. So I am really grateful and thankful for him.

I will always be around here. Unless something drastic happens to me of course. But god willing, this blog will be the channel in which I will share my life in the coming years. But with all the mostly moody and sad posts, it is my hope that in the future, I can post positive and delightful happenings in my life, and also of the community around me. As I partake in these small and meaningful steps, and steps that may eventually lead me finally to a true direction in my life, someone awaits for me. And something tells me, this time, it is for real. YukiChoe, now has a boyfriend. She now belongs to someone. Let us see where Yuki lands on and ends up next.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Girls Like Us, Remembering Gwen Amber Rose Araujo.

We both like Gwen Stefani. We both like to party and have a love for the nightlife. We both have a zeal to live. We both are transsexual females. The difference? I am in my 30s and still surviving. Gwen Amber Rose Araujo, at the tender age of 17 was brutally murdered by four men who discovered she was a transsexual. If she was living today, she would be 22 and probably would have undergone her SRS. She was attractive and full of a youthful outlook in life. Yesterday marks the 5th year of her passing.

She does not deserve to die. I could be killed and tossed somewhere in the intolerant and narrow minded city of Kuala Lumpur, which revels in jurassic mentality, and no one would care, not even my parents. It would be common. But she hails from a tolerant culture full of diversity of San Fransisco Bay Area's friendly neighbourhood, where everyone cares for one another and she has strong emotional support from her family and some friends, in a country known for a strong democracy, giving that wee bit of breathing space for girls like us. It seems like a nightmare. It just cannot happen but it did. If there is one transsexual female that could have made it in life it is her. No, she does not deserve what happened to her.

That very night five years ago, was a girl. She was ready to rock the town. Eager to party. As any young girl would. We see the girl in Gwen, on fire and living with passion. She was never a boy. A car with a group of men stopped by and ask her if she wants a ride. She says she wants to party. It was a girl responding to a bunch of creeps wanting to take advantage. She already is in a some sexual relationship with some of them. They were all friends.

It takes one jealous girl to vent her frustrations of being less pretty than Gwen. The girl was believed to have forcefully checked on Gwen's genitals. The girl opened her big mouth in front of the four men about Gwen, and then it began; the horrific death sentence executed by these four men. For a good five hour plus, in a supreme moronic merciless act, Gwen Araujo was kicked, punched, hit by hard objects (frying pans, barbells, cans), beaten, knocked, kneed to the wall, strangled and stoned. She was literally tortured in those 5 hours. She died. After that, her body was tied up and was disrespectfully buried. It was then discovered a few weeks later.

The four dirty scumbags was then arrested. Everyone was in the state of shock. They just could not believe this kind of thing can happen in their neighbourhood. Interesting events then followed. The four men argued that Gwen deceived them, and their lawyer cited gay panic in defense. The ridiculous Reverend Fred Phelps led a group of 'Christians' to Gwen Araujo's family's house, mocking her and her family, claiming Gwen is going to hell and blaspheming all around Bay Area, annoying San Fransisco onlookers. Gwen's mother Sylvia Guerrero, had become an transgender activist, in order to make sure what happened to her dearest rose, never happens again. And Gwen was finally able to change her name from the male sounding Eddie, to the sweet Gwen.

What happened 5 years ago, brought up the good and bad in people. The sight of Sylvia Guerrero expressing her love for her daughter. The group Christians led by Fred Phelps claiming 'God's hatred is good.'. But at the most, transsexuals were affected. It was a wake up call to everyone, even to parents; such thing could happen to their own children. It is not funny anymore. No one would know what is in the minds of the four who killed her. But the common logic sense prevails, she does not deserve even the torture, let alone death. Nobody sane would wish this to happen.

There are also lessons for me to learn too. That no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. However, we can be prepared for it. But we must be prepared to ensure that such intolerance be smoothen by correct information and education. The narrower the mind, the bigger the fear. People always are afraid of things they do not understand, and ignorance becomes the stance in them. Perhaps if people would just open up their eyes and see girls like us as who we are, then we would probably be given the room to contribute to life. In the end, we are girls. And Gwen will be Gwen.

Yuki's choice reading: