Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yuki's Funnies: It's All Because...The Gays Are Getting Married....?

I believe this music video is a satirical look at the reality of how gays and lesbians are blamed for everything that happens in the world. We already had gays and lesbians blamed for Hurricane Katrina and The World Trade Center attack, this video even adds a few other things to blame gays and lesbians on... meteors attacking Earth too....! : ) This is interesting. Hope you all like it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Truth Worth Sharing This Christmas.

Discovered at Pam's House Blend.

From Faith In America.

A truth worth sharing this Christmas

The harm experienced by two Florida and South Carolina families this
Christmas because of religion-based bigotry against gay and lesbian
individuals is very real.

Many evangelical Christians this year may have to admit to their
children that they’ve been perpetrating an “untruth.” Perhaps they
are made just a smidgen more uncomfortable by the fact that they
believe truth was embodied in Christ - who according to their
religious teachings was a person born different than any other human

So at a time when many Christians are cautioned not to forget the
“reason behind the season,” they are confronted with the fact that
they must close the door on a part of their son’s or daughter’s
childhood by telling them that certain stories about the partially eaten
cookies, the hand-scrawled note left behind and the soot smeared on
the floor were really not true.

But the young lives of a future generation will go on albeit perhaps
a bit more cynical and somewhat dejected from discovering such a truth.

For the families of Pat and Lynn Mulder of Auburndale, Fla., and Elke
Kennedy and Jim Parker of Greenville, S.C., the lives of their two
children will not be going on. The day-to-day gifts of joy they gave
their parents, siblings and friends ended with their deaths - and no
amount of perception will make their future lives and their gifts to
those around them a reality.

Pat and Lynn’s son Ryan Skipper, who was killed in April 2007, and Elke and
Jim’s son Sean Kennedy, who was killed in May 2007, will not be with their
families next week to celebrate the season - and there is an underlying
reason which we as Americans must confront honestly and truthfully.

Both young men died after attacks that have been reported as acts of
violence against them because they were born different. The
difference was that they enjoyed dating, being around, spending time
with, and bonding emotionally with men instead of women. That
difference, according to certain religious and religious/political
factions in America, condemns them as sinners, unclean, undeserving
of the same rights that other Americans enjoy and unworthy of God’s

Gays and lesbian individuals are not the only Americans who have been
delegated as second-class citizens at the hand of misguided religious
teaching. African-Americans were once labeled as a cursed lot. And
with the “Adam first, Eve second” thinking, women also have been
denied equality in this country as many people believed they stood
more in favor with their God by standing opposed to full equality for

The majority of religious-minded people look back on those periods in
history and realize that religious teachings were misused and
misconstrued to deny African-Americans and women full equality.

Yet many Americans today fail to see the history of religion-based
bigotry against gay and lesbian citizens and the harm that it causes
to millions of wonderful people simply because they are different.

The families of Ryan Skipper and Sean Kennedy this Christmas are
experiencing the harm that comes when a social climate of
rejection and condemnation is allowed to flourish because a society
accepts bigotry against gay and lesbians as religious truth.
While those families experienced the physical violence that is
promoted by such a climate of rejection and condemnation, millions of
of other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans and their
family and friends experience this violence and in other forms as
well - emotional, psychological and spiritual violence.

In South Carolina, where Sean Kennedy parents will spend Christmas,
the state in 2006 voted to ban gay marriage and the opposition from
Christian churches in that state was instrumental in writing such
discrimination into South Carolina’s constitution - which
coincidentally still banned interracial marriages until just a few
years ago.

Next year in Florida, where Ryan Skipper’s parents reside, a ban on
gay marriage is being proposed for that state’s constitution and no
doubt religious and religious/political groups will lead that effort.

While denying gay and lesbian citizens the right to marry is but one
of the many rights they as American citizens are not allowed to
enjoy, it is an issue that clearly defines how a majority religious
belief is used to justify legal discrimination against a minority.

Let’s hope that people across this nation will pause for a moment to
recognize that misusing religious teachings to justify discrimination
against gay and lesbian citizens must be recognized just as wrong
today as it has been in the past.

Great social injustices of the past have fallen faint when America’s heart and
soul bestows its most wondrous gift – equality.

Sharing that truth will most assuredly enrich the lives of future generations.

Brent Childers
Executive Director
Faith In America

Yuki's thoughts: For me, it is not only a truth worth sharing this Christmans, it is also a truth worth sharing for the rest of our lives.

May the Christian conservatives, religious right and ex-gay ministries one day have the wisdom to see the light.

And these groups forgiven for their organized intolerance campaigns against gays, lesbians and transgenders worldwide.

Hope someday tomorrow all gays, lesbians and transgenders, shall be reconciled to society and Our Saviour on earth.

And be kept in security, equality, grace and affirmation, in accordance to the two greatest commandments of Christ Jesus.

This is my Christmans prayer,

And may the New Year usher in a new age of compassion, understanding and truth about people like us.

We all are God's children.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun Li... When will they do a Morrigan Aensland movie next?....

When I was a teenager and struggling to fit in, one of the stuff I picked up to be one of the ‘boys’ was video arcade games. I played a lot of these arcade games because in a small town like Ipoh, there were not many entertaining things to do to get around. I played many, but two games which I eventually mastered, was Vampire Hunter and Street Fighter (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Street Fighter II: The New Challengers).

I was so good at it I gave the boys a torrid time. I practically was a master in the use of Vampire Hunter’s Morrigan Aensland, knowing how to execute all of her special powers, and also a fan of this character being close to the woman I hope to be one day, in my fantasies of course. But Street Fighter was also an appeal to me because of its storyline with cool graphics, and I managed to specialize in characters like Ken, Ryu and Blanka.

I watched three movies that spurned out of it; one was the totally comedic Hong Kong movie Future Cops, and the Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle Street Fighter. I was totally disappointment with both, as I feel it does not do justice to the legend Street Fighter is and what it stands for in the heart of the arcade generation. The best representation of the arcade game was in the end Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, which was awesome.

So when I heard some news today, I felt mixed emotions within me. I went, what the…!!!

Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun-Li!

Who is going to play Chun Li? It was supposedly Jessica Alba / Keira Knightley, but both turned down the ‘golden’ chance. It looks like Clark Kent’s love interest in ‘Smallville’ is the girl!

‘Street Fighter’ Has It’s Chun Li

Kristin Kreuk is Chun-Li in Street Fighter!

Street Fighter's Chun-Li Is Smallville star Kristin Kreuk

What have they done now! Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li? If she goes against Morrigan Aensland, I will give my cash that Morrigan would win without lifting a skirt, or a sweat.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Video: Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

Many thanks to Marti Abernathey for the discovery of this video.

This surely is one of the most touching videos I watched thus far this year. Hope you feel it too.

Real Love Ministry's Edmund Smith brainwashing teenage girls at Christian camp.

I found a peculiar blog, its title curiously close to mine, and in it is a post about a teenage girl who attended Girls Christian Camp 2007. Below is her post in regards to a session under Real Love Ministry's Edmund Smith. Claptrap at it's best.

"Sunday, 16 December 2007

Continuation of girls camp 2007 --- Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Lifetstyle

I wanted to separate the posts because I think my previous post is too long. So anyway...

I also joined the workshop “The Heart of Worship” by Pastor Ng Wah Lok and “What do you do when no one is watching” by Pastor Edmund Smith. The heart of worship workshop was really interesting. Pastor Ng Wah Lok taught about how to plan songs for worship. Pastor Edmund Smith’s topic was a little bit shocking at 1st. It was Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Lifestyle. I really didn’t expect it. And actually I didn’t choose it. I chose The heart of worship. But Pastor Ng can only come on the 1st day, and Pastor Edmund can only come on the 2nd and 3rd day, so both workshops were joined. And I’ve learnt a lot from Pastor Edmund Smith about gays and he has really changed my perspective of gays.

If you've read my post entitled "What would YOU do?", I had this thinking that gays are born like that. I had this perspective that gays cannot be changed. But through the workshop, I've learnt that there are people who were gay and now they're not. For example, Pastor Edmund Smith himself was gay. He had 3 elder brothers. So when his mother was pregnant with him, his parents expected him to be a girl. But when he was born a boy, his parents rejected him, especially his father. He told us that his mother rejected him at 1st but then later accepted him. But for the 1st 5 years of his life, his mother treated him like a girl and later treated him like a boy. So he was very confused about his gender. He told us he hated being a guy. He wanted so badly to be a girl. And he lead a gay lifestyle for almost 11 years. He later stopped being gay because he said he suffered and was depressed during the 11 years he was leading the gay lifestyle. But of course he said it was not easy to change from being gay to straight. But he said soon after he left the gay lifestyle, he found Jesus. And his life changed from there. And oh yea, he's married by the way. Blessed with 2 kids. =)

He taught us a lot of terms and also shared with us the issues that could lead to a person being gay. First he taught us about 2 stances : the pro-gay and ex-gay stance.

Ex-gay stance = promotes ex-gay lifestyle and discourages gay lifestyle
Pro-gay stance = promotes and encourages gay lifestyle
Then he taught us some terms :

gay = (for male and female) others drawn to a person of the same sex in a way of romance and sex

lesbian = specifically for female homosexuals

Gay friendly = to be friendly to gays, but hold the ex-gay stance. Aka do not hurt or reject gays, but be friendly to them and at the same time do not encourage their gay lifestyle/do not encourage them being gay.

anti gay/homophobic = afraid of gays/hate gays. opposite of gay friendly

hermaphrodite = one who is born with both genitals.(not necessarily gay)(due to genetics)

Transgender= transfer of gender. one who has a Gender Identity Disorder. a female who wants to be a male and vice versa.

Transsexual = transgender who go for sex change operation

Transvestite = transfer of vest (clothes). a male who dresses like a female (or vice versa) mostly for fun/ performance.

Androgynous = one who appears in the middle. Eg, a person looks a little like a man but at a certain angle looks like a woman.(not due to genetics)

homophyllic = one who loves others of the same sex but has nothing to do with sex or romance.

Deep Platonic Relationship = relationship whereby a person loves another of the same sex deeply without involving sex or romance.

pedophile = adult who is drawn to children in a way of sex/romance.

metro sexual = a man who is in touch with his feminine side.(eg man who cook, do facial, do sewing, cry, etc) it is usually a term for men and it is perfectly normal.

fetrosexual = same as metro sexual but this term is used for girls (eg, girls who are strong, who love to play football/rugby etc etc

butch = a girl who wants to be a guy. they will bind their breasts, cut their hair short, act like a guy etc

The issues that could most probably lead to homosexuality :


This issue is the rejection in the area of gender or appearance. Eg, a person who hates his/her own gender. In the area of appearance means that a person who hates the way he/she looks like. Eg, a person who feels that he/she is ugly or fat etc. Pastor Edmund was saying that don't ever hate yourself. Thank God for making you a girl/guy. Never say that you wish were the opposite gender. It really woke me up because there were times where I hated being a girl (it was not serious/severe). But yea, his words made me thank God everyday that I am a girl. I am who He made me to be.

And also Pastor Edmund said, don't complain you're ugly, but rather remember that you are beautiful in God's eyes, and that's all that matters. God made all of us beautiful, so don't ever say or complain that you're ugly. He also said don't complain about being fat. But instead, exercise, eat well and rest well. (A big bang to my head for that. LOL)


This issue is basically about the absence of love of a parent/relative of the same gender. For example, Pastor Edmund did not have love from his father. His father was there physically but he didn't love Pastor Edmund. So Pastor Edmund was looking and wanting love from a person of the same gender.

Pastor Edmund said that many people always look for Mr/ Miss Right. And he was stressing that there is no such thing as Mr/ Miss Right, because no one is perfect. And he also said that no one completes us. He said for example, his wife does not complete him, but compliments him.

During one of the night sessions (not connected to this workshop), Pastor Eric Lau came to speak and he quote a saying from Pascal : "In the hearts of every men and women there is a God shaped vacuum that can only be filled by God the creator through Jesus Christ". This is so true.


This issue is where a person is unable to be romantically involved with another of the opposite sex because the person has been abused verbally or sexually. For example, a girl may have been molested or raped. She will look at men as monsters and she won't be comfortable being romantically involved with a man. If this issue is not resolved (through counselling), she will stick to girls and this can lead to lesbianism.

*phew* So yea, he was telling us that gays are not born. God doesn't make gays. A person becomes gay mostly because he/she has not resolve either one, two, or all of these 3 issues. A person can also become gay because of influence from the world. He also taught about Deep Platonic Relationship. It is normal and possible, to love a person of the same sex deeply without involving romance/sexuality. So yea, don't get confused between admiration/ deep platonic relationship and love for the same sex in terms of romance.

He also taught us to be gay friendly but to stay strong to the ex-gay stance. We can be friendly to gays but it doesn't mean that we encourage that person being a gay/ leading a gay lifestyle. He also taught us not to reject gays or to mock gays.

Anyway, to learn more about Pastor Edmund's work (it's called the Real Love Ministry) , check out his website
You can also check out this website

I really found this workshop and the things Pastor Edmund taught very useful. I think now that gays and their lifestyle are beginning to be such a norm, these notes are very useful as awareness to the public. And also hope that a gay can be changed. Though it is not easy and it also depends on whether that person is willing or not. But yea, it is an interesting topic, and an important one too.

Hope you'll find this post useful. Do comment and give your opinions."

Yuki's thoughts: I usually would comment on these kind of posts, but in my heart, it just goes, why bother. I am concerned though in the things Edmund Smith do in so called 'love' here like:
- Brainwashing of young teenagers about lesbians, gays and transsexuals.
- Imposing his own personal life upon people as if everyone is like him.
- Wrong terminologies again, I wonder why Edmund is so stubborn in still presenting transsexuals as people who had their sex change? And transgenders are transsexuals?
- Insisting gays can change, even though it has already been proven otherwise.
- Did not mention anything about APA's position about homosexuality.
- Still presenting 'pro-gays' as influencers of a perpetuated 'gay lifestyle'.
- Self made junk science of 'causes' of homosexuality.
The list is endless.

People should start to question the authority of Edmund Smith, who definitely is miles away from even the will of God with his near demonic lies, from preaching about a topic that he himself knows nothing about or even understand in himself.

It annoys me that Edmund is still deriving terms that are not of science or medical field, but created from his 'experience' (which he thinks gives him the right to change scientific terminologies.). Luckily though, with his recycled 'truths', he is getting staley stagnant. He can never say he is not anti-gay anymore.

Pursuing Liberty Under Christ – Where change is possible. Is it?

I had recently noticed the more than normal sightings of ex-gay ministries in Malaysia, notably the upgrade of Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (PLUC). Say, hold on, another one? There are actually a few running in Malaysia, and ex-gay ministries are now attacking the South East Asian market in a big way. And again, unwarranted misinformation with the usual claims of ‘change’ that goes without any evidence.

I recently posted an article on Reflectionsasia in regards to their imagination of the homosexual state. As you surf their website, you would find the usual dogmas of the ‘struggling’ homosexual that seems to have no life and no hope perpetuated, that is further amplified with statements of homosexuals having peers who confuse them with comforting ‘gay theology’ or influences into ‘accepting a sinful lifestyle’.

There is always twist of the cause = effect theory with them. For example, I am a transsexual. Being born different than my common self caused me to be distanced from my parents. But however you knock their stubborn heads, they would still insist on twisting this one fact into my parents distance themselves from me; that is why I became different from my common self. Confused yet? That is how ex-gay ministry works.

PLUC repeats the tiring musings of RLM, stating sexual brokenness by parental rejection as a ‘cause’ of homosexuality. Broken masculinity becomes the cause of men into being in love with the same sex. It is so easy to be led astray to their type of shallow thinking, especially when they claim to have God on their side. But how many same sex couples ended up hurt and dehumanized by them? And how many would waste their years in it?

As for ‘change’, sources I got inside RLM had reported that there had been only very few success stories inside, and most of the gays and lesbians brought in swiftly left the group within a few meetings. But newcomers brought in, maintains the group to around 100 people. So they go around in circles with the same courses that runs a few months that are recycled every year. While science is advancing, understanding homosexuals better.

PLUC says ‘many’ have changed. Sure? Give us the identities of the changed ‘many’. Let the public eye or the gay and lesbian community interview these many ‘changed’ homosexuals so we may know it really ‘works’. What are the estimates? Where are the reports that have people from Universiti Malaya or Pantai Medical Centre looking over it, to confirm such event? Of course, excuses will push down results to only a few changes.

Exactly the same results Exodus International are having now. Few changes out of thousands of gays and lesbians walk through their doors. Changes that mean bisexuals that are sticking to the side that is being straight. Changes that mean confused heterosexuals who gone experimenting and realize homosexuality is not them. Or remorsefully, changes that mean homosexuals that choose celibacy. That is all to it.

With more and more former leaders of these ministries coming out to apologize for their organized bigotry motions and misinformation campaigns overseas, it is perhaps only a matter of time that Malaysian versions of these ministries start to confess the grave sins of further marginalizing an already misunderstood community that needs to be reconciled to The Lord, instead of having them defined by the standards ex-gays desire in them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yuki's Funnies: Jeff Dunham with Achmed The Dead Terrorist.

One of the funniest videos I have seen for a long time. It is so funny, many had sent it to me. So probably some of you had watched it. But in case you missed it, here is your chance to redeem yourself. I present to you, with Jeff Dunham, Achmed The Dead Terrorist. Enjoy and take care.

Journey To Thailand (Conclusion: The Journey Home).

I woke up to the reality that it was the day to get home. I took a short bath and went downstairs for my breakfast. Looking at the menu, it was an easy selection. Go for the Thai meal, it could be years before I may enjoy this again. It was an enjoyable meal, while watching the ‘US Democratic Debate’ on CNN in the hotel lounge. I rushed back to my room, packed up my stuff and checked out of the Wall Street Inn. Prayerfully, I am on my way.

I left an IM message for my boyfriend for help, and with some of the money I had left on me I bought an IDD card. That was it, it was my last chance. I called back frantically to the Maybank centre in Kuala Lumpur, asking them for ways to activate my ATM card. No wonder it was useless here in Thailand. I did not activate the option for overseas withdrawals. I quickly gave my details, and within 40 minutes, my card was active again.

It is now almost noon, and now I got to rush back to the airport. I cannot miss the next flight back to Malaysia. Withdrawing the cash I needed, I jumped into a taxi with yet another non-English speaking driver. Drats! Really. Does anyone speak English around here? I had to do self made sign languages depicting an airplane and use the word Suvarnabhumi to get the driver to understand me, and luckily he goes ‘Oh ya ya!’ ‘A-pot!’. Gosh!

A short trip later, I alighted the taxi and my heart goes, yes! I am back at the Suvarnabhumi Airport! The next step of course is to get a ticket. So which flight shall I take? The logical choice would be the earliest flight, and that was under the Malaysian Airline System. But I am tempted to try Thai Airways. But that would be too late for me, and I just cannot wait to go back. So gleefully, I bought the earliest ticket and checked in for my flight home.

Sitting within the gateway for my flight, I still am at awe of what I had encountered in Thailand. Most of the public toilets, even ones in restaurants, have just bowls without flush tanks. But the washrooms there are so clean, even with the trouble of people flushing it manually. The town of Chonburi and Bangkok city are incredibly clean with hardly a single rubbish to be seen. Even the food tastes healthy. How I wish my own country was like that.

Ok I admit. On the plane, after saying goodbye to Thailand, I am actually starting to miss it. The friendliness, the culture, the nightlife, I am even inspired to learn the Thai language. Thailand is really nothing like Malaysia. Of course all countries would have their pros and cons in living, but I do know I am truly leaving a mystical Asian land, and that someday I am going to return there. But till then; Malaysia, I am coming back.

From a beautiful place to another beautiful land, as the plane lands at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, there is a surreal feeling that surrounds me. Firstly would be the thought, am I really home after the fright of the night before? Another, the sudden English and Malay conversations people were having. Then of course, I just came back from another country, it really feels like a fantasy, even though it happened just last night.

I withdrawn some money my boy eventually sent me, and I went to the Satellite A duty free shops and bought two cartons of Virginia Slims Lights as the fat lady sings. Then, the trip home on yet another tonto taxi. Great reminder of my adventures. Later that night, I reminiscence my little journey to big Thailand and discuss it with my friends near my apartment. There is no place like home. But for what it is worth, it had been a fabulous journey.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Australia's first openly lesbian minister... and she is from Malaysia....

From The Star newspaper, Malaysia:

Malaysian-born Penny now Aussie minister


KOTA KINABALU: The father of Malaysian-born Penny Wong Ying Yen who has been appointed as a Cabinet minister in Australia is thrilled with his daughter’s political success.

“I am very happy. I hope her appointment will be a blessing for Australia,” said Francis Wong Yit Shing, 66, an architect here.

The 39-year-old Penny, who was born in Sabah but grew up in Australia from the age of eight with her mother, was yesterday named Climate Change and Water Minister by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd whose Labor party won the recent elections.

Penny Wong Yin Yeng
Francis, who described his daughter as a go-getter, said that the portfolio given to his daughter was very “current and important” not only for Australians but for everyone concerned about global warming and climate change.

“I know she is a very responsible person and she will work hard to achieve her objectives,” said Francis, who keeps in touch with his daughter through SMS.

He said he never expected her to become a politician.

“I wanted her to be a doctor and she enrolled for it. A year later she switched to law after going on a student exchange programme to Brazil where she saw the need to help people,” said Francis.

Proud as punch: Francis and Penny keep in touch via SMS and mostly talk about family matters.
On completing her studies, she became involved in unions and industrial court cases in Australia.

Penny became the first Asian-born woman Senator when she won a seat in South Australia in 2002.

Last week’s Australian elections saw her winning a second term with her party toppling John Howard’s government.

Asked if he had ever given his daughter any political advice, Francis said the politics that he knew about was only that of South-East Asia.

“We mostly talk family matters.”

Francis said Penny and her mother left Sabah for Australia in 1977 for Penny’s education while he remained in the state.

Over time, he and his wife separated and Penny took up Australian citizenship.

(Of course, Malaysia being Malaysia, they would definitely delete primary and important facts from their media reporting. But the rest of the world knows, and the LGT community is proud to herald the first openly lesbian minister in Australia. And in Australia under Kevin Rudd, we are happy to announce it:)

Ladies Lead PM Rudd's Top Team

"Ms Wong a South Australian senator, will be Australia's first openly lesbian minister."

More links on Penny Wong below. If Malaysia is not fully proud of you, we are!


Sydney Morning Herald


Yuki thoughts: I just find it amazing, my home country can be so prideful about having an ex Malaysian making it so big outside the country, but did not question why this rising star of world politics is not plying her trade here and conveniently help closet her true sexual orientation from fellow Malaysians. What the... (sigh)

(This story is so interesting, in addition relates to my position as a Malaysian in Australia; so I posted it in both here and 'reflectionsasia'. Feel free to comment.)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Journey To Thailand (Part Two: Into The Night).

This trip to Thailand need not be a nightmare. I checked in at the hotel reservation centre for a room in Bangkok. Okay, I am already stuck here, so while waiting for my boyfriend to rescue me, I might as well go down to the city centre and make the best of a day plan gone awry into a short one night holiday. After booking my stay in a Wall Street Inn off Silom Road, off I went to Bangkok on another taxi with a driver that knows no English.

It was when I reached the city centre that I realized how big Bangkok was. Huge! It was at the least 3 to 4 times bigger than Kuala Lumpur. Even after reaching the city, it took a long while to reach the hotel. Silom road is one place I had wanted to go for sometime, because I heard most of my transsexual sisters are there. I am curious to find out their living conditions in comparison to the sisters in Malaysia. Has it changed or improved?

I arrived at the hotel and after checking into my room, I found that my room was really small and comes without a bathtub. In my frustration I still try to cheer myself up. Thailand programmes were incomprehensive because there are no English subtitles. There are also hardly any channels to watch. I took a short bath and calculated the money I have. After everything is set, here I go into the most happening street in Bangkok.

With ATM card not working here in Bangkok and barely enough to go back to the airport in the morning, it became a very budgeted walk. I have barely 1000 thai baht in my budget this night, because I needed to reserve some 500 thai baht for any emergency. I asked around the crowd where I can meet my transsexual sisters, and it was then I was led to a night market just around the corner with tons and tons of pubs and clubs around.

I went inside one called ‘Super Pussy’. It sounds daring enough, but got a shock of my life when I am surrounded by at least two handfuls of nude girls, all expecting tips. The drinks were ridiculously priced at RM 300 bahts for a small glass of coke! And I have to give extra charges for just watching the nude show. So I quickly dashed out, not before I realized a naked girl on stage was opening a beer bottle with her pussy! Ouch!

I dashed to another place called ‘Pink Panther’. It is probably the more boring of the pubs I visited that night, but the drinks were quite cheap for a pub, at only 110 baht for a bottle of Heineken. There were three girls dancing on the pole, dressed sexy but still considered fully clothed. This would be a nice place to drink if the songs they played were better. Gosh, really missed the song Shiny Disco Ball. Is there someplace good to go to?

Well, it is within much deeper into the market place called ‘Tiger’. It is a mixed of biological girls and transsexual girls, lots of them, dancing in supremely skimpy bikinis to the point they were almost naked. Beer was incredibly cheap at only 100 baht. It also appeared to me a system there where the girls were numbered. Once a customer chooses the number, a customer would give a tip for the girls company, or bring them home.

I spoke to one of the transsexual sisters there, and from it I gathered that in order to live better, there is not much choice but sex work, especially when opportunities were few and far between. But she does harbour hopes one day she can have a better life. I decided to walk back to my hotel as it was getting late and I need to prepare to get home a day after. I breathed a silent prayer for my sisters in Thailand, and for a better tomorrow for all.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Journey To Thailand (Part One: The Big Rush).

In the middle of this month, I took a trip up north to Thailand, on a mission to see Dr Suporn Watanyusakul, a famed Sex Reassignment Surgeon in Chonburi. Chonburi is a cute little town around 50 kilometers from Bangkok. I did not pack up anything and just carried my handbag with my important documents as I was planning to come back in the evening. So I boarded an early afternoon flight on check in at 1.30pm on Air Asia.

When I arrived at the LCC Terminal near KLIA, my knees went into constant shiver as I realize the prospect of getting into my first flight for ages. I have a fear of being on an air plane, and am unsure of what started this phobia of being subjected to the risk of a plane crashing into furious flames or the window of the and sucking me out to a fall of 30 over thousand feet into my certain death. Worse come to worse, at least I will be dead fast.

Nevertheless, I decided to sum up all the courage I had to get on the plane and claim all the convulsions in my stomach as the plane takes off. I tried to relax my mind thinking of that old song ‘One Night In Bangkok’, and appease myself with the meal I bought on the air plane. Air Asia is not as cheap as I thought, after adding the airport tax and everything it comes out to a near RM 900 bill, so I might as well enjoy my flight as much as I can.

I reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport around 3.30pm Bangkok time. With my legs still in jello style and my heart still pumping over the horrendous experience, I managed to get out to the immigration and arrival hall with no problems. I caught a taxi which ended up being an illegal tonto taxi, so as I am running short of time, I decided to take it anyway even though they charged me an awesome and ridiculous 2000 baht for it.

The travel was alarming. All the signboards have tiny little English words in comparison to the large Thai words. I do not even know whether I am going the right way, especially when the taxi driver, a nice lady anyway, does not utter any English and only a weeny bit of Mandarin. But the lady understood where is Chonburi, and as the clinic was located right in the main road of the town we managed to find it. And a classy clinic it is indeed.

The nice lady taxi driver offered to wait around for me, so I decided to stick to this driver and head through the clinic doors. There I was greeted by the usual calls of ‘Sawadeeka’ and was brought to the doctor’s clinic. I have to speak very slowly to get him and his wife (presumably) to understand what I wanted and needed. But I was pleased when he told me I have enough tissues to create the best results possible for my upcoming SRS.

I saw the samples and it was amazing. I got all the information I need and bade farewell to the Dr Suporn and his staff. After a quick dinner, I quickly attempted to rush back to the airport with the help of the nice lady, who eventually charged me only 1500 baht for the way back. Unfortunately, we run into some road works that caused an incredible jam on the Bangkok Chonburi highway. I ran into the risk of missing my flight.

I reached the airport but it was too late. The Air Asia counter refused to check me in even though I arrived five minutes before the check in closes, claiming their gate is too far and would close before me getting there. I burst into tears and anger as I am looking at the notice board and discovered my flight was still on check in and then boarding. That was it. I am never taking an Air Asia flight again. In gloom, I look at the prospects I have, as I am stranded in Bangkok.