Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yuki's Funnies: The Ex-Gay Reparative Therapy.

Do you know what the ex-gay lifestyle is like? Parroting comedy is one of them. Here is one fine example. This is real, and really funny! Courtesy of (

Starring- Richard Cohen (from NARTH and PFOX)

From The Daily Show:

I wonder, is this what paranoid parents are subjecting their children to? Please!

Yuki's thoughts: With all the talk about what causes homosexuals, I wonder what causes ex-gays.

I believe it is:

The self issue- No self acceptance or letting external sources define one's self.
The vacuum issue- Society's discrimination, hatred, intolerace, prejudice and stigma.
The barrier issue - Confused heterosexuals or bisexuals who do not know who they are.

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