Friday, November 30, 2007

Announcement: Yuki's discovery.

No, I have not disappeared from the sight of cyberspace. Neither have I given up on my mission to counter voice the torrid misinformation and miseducation of ex-gay ministries. And I still have a lifetime to share about the ridiculous circumstances I go through in my life and the variety of environments I am going to find myself in.

I just had been real busy with my affairs in regards to my impending move, going to and fro the immigration departments to rush in my documents, bidding farewell to as much friends as possible, settling everything I can, and preparing myself for the next stage of my journey.

In fact, I am done, and I am now typing from my fiance's labtop some thousands of miles away from my home country. Yes, I am now in the absolute humid town of Darwin, at the North Territory in Australia. I am still alive. Also, I thank a number of readers that had been checking up on me. Reflections Asia and The Journey Of Yuki is still very much at your reading pleasure.

Monday, November 5, 2007

It is confirmed. Being homosexual is worse than being black or women (according to the Anglican Church).

This is one of the most jurassic, outdated and mindless set of statements I had ever read in any news in regards to sexual orientation.

Bishops in the Anglican Church are strongly against the ordination of homosexuals in the Anglican Communion across the world, said Jill Southern, 65, from the Ellel Ministries in the United Kingdom.

Gee, I wonder why.

She said the scenario of gay pastors in same sex marriage is unusual and has caused a lot of problems.

Problems borne of self creation caused by ignorance and bigotry? So just who's problem is it? The homosexuals... or this prejudicial lady?....

"It is God's view that homosexuals should not be ordained as priests or pastors in any country because their sin separates them from God. "

I hereby challenge this old woman to state out the verse that says "homosexuals should not be ordained as priests or pastors in any country" or in any similar meaning. If she succeeds, I shall pretend to be a boy for the rest of my life. If she fails, she is to shut the fukk up because God clearly stated in the Bible (1 Timothy 2: 11 - 14).

However, the Church does not really know quite how to handle the situation.

Of course! Only churches are dumb enough to send homosexuals to ex-gay ministries!

"It is a big, hot potato in the Anglican Church. Bishops in Africa, for example, are strongly against the ordination of homosexuals," she told Daily Express. Southern said homosexuality is contrary to God's order and a sexual sin because it is rebellion against God and brings guilt and shame.

Contrary to God's order? Can you please send all the people born deformed, disabled or born without some organs to be condemned then, because all of them are surely not God's order too. The guilt and shame do not come from God my darling Jill. It comes from being imposed by ugly women like you who do not even follow God's commandment for you to shut up.

"God makes males and females, not homosexuals. Homosexuality is one form of ungodly sex like lesbianism. When we engage in ungodly sex, we are enjoining our spirit to the demonic spirit behind it, and this destroys our lives.

You cannot differentiate gender identity with sexual orientation. But you even went on to separate homosexuality and lesbianism? Gosh, from which college this lady came from, I darn am not going to recommend it! Homosexual sex as demonic? As demonic as the statements you are presenting now Missy Jill?

"Ungodly sex allows our spirit to be penetrated by the demonic power behind the ungodly act. In fact, homosexuality is self-destructive behaviour."

Actually I had not seen homosexuals self destruct. The conquer and destroy button still very much in the possession of jurassic mental disorder patients like you.

Other forms of ungodly sex are premarital sex, incest, adultery, oral sex, sodomy, masturbation, bestiality (sex with animals), trans-sexuality, masochistic and sadistic sex, bondage sex, cyber sex, voyeurism and paedophilia.

It is so easy to lump the innocents together with the defiled in your convenient thinking, right? It is also supremely shallow, especially when each of it represents different things. Gosh, I can just lump this Anglican with Mormons and call it a cult.

She was one of three key speakers from the UK and Australia to disseminate information at the two-day Seminar on Godly Sex & Sexuality.

God Bless The Attendees.

It was organised by All Saints' Cathedral in association with Ellel Ministries International (In East Asia) at the cathedral.

God Bless The Attendees From Malaysia.

Southern, who is Director of a Bible Training School run by Ellel Ministries in Pierrepont near London, however, said we can empathise with homosexuals but we are not here to judge them.

Yes. You are not judging homosexuals. You are just throwing stones and hide your hands, saying, I did not do it.

"While we don't condemn homosexuals in the eyes of God, we should also not ordain them either. We are here to say that homosexual activity is wrong and the gateway to healing for the homosexual is repentance.

Healing? I think you and your cohorts needs some serious healing not only of unsound minds and judgemental hearts, but also from heterosexual supremacist practises and behaviours.

"And if they don't recognise it as sin, they are not going to repent it."

Because it is not a sin. Do you study? Have you ever talked to homosexuals? Or you are contented on taking information from ministry by a confused hetero like RLM? Then you can have me give you tips about how to be a boy. I should know! I am an ex-boy!

According to her, there are many ex-gays today and one such is David Kyle Foster, a former homosexual prostitute in America who had over a thousand sexual "men" relationships.

Yeah. But you also forgot to mention a lot of ex-gays ended up getting married back to their partners by their core orientation. Also how a lot of ex-gays still secretly look for boys, like Ted Haggard. Or are you afraid to mention also on how many ex-gays eventually became ex-ex-gays ( They find healing from leaving such organized discrimination and control freaks like you.

"And God partly saved him. He repented and came for salvation. We believe God forgave him. He stopped the activity completely. He now tours the country talking to homosexuals and telling them about how they can be freed from this ungodly sex."

How to be freed? Or how to condemn themselves to surpress who they are? This man had better not be another confused hetero, or he also is going to get a mouthful from me for his misrepresentation. Anyhow, both of you. Give us equality, then mind your own business and leave us alone.

Southern, who has also authored books on Godly Sex, stressed that the "enemy" has deceived homosexuals into thinking that their activity is a sexual orientation, adding that a person's sexuality is determined by the genitalia, not his or her orientation.

The 'homosexualily do not exist' crap again? Yikes! Just how narrow minded is that! Sexuality determined by genitalia? Crikey! I got a friend who lost both his testicles and penis due to cancer recently... so he is female now and cannot get married to girls?! How OH-full....

"They are deceived and think God allows gay sex and gay marriages. A homosexual tends to believe that he is born a homosexual. I don't believe that is true. It's a lie to say you are born homosexual. It is usually a result of homosexual abuse in very early childhood when they were wrongly touched but there are other possible causes such as gender confusion and rejection by a peer group as a 'weakling'."

The 'homosexuals becoming homosexuals ' crap? So does that mean those heterosexual childred who are sexually abused in childhood are 100% bound to be homosexuals? Can you please prove that? Gender confusion? My gay friends refuse to sleep with me because I am wearing a skirt. Just how 'gender confused' are they, lady? They are deceived? Excuse me, but since you are now straight, what right have you to assume?!

It was also possible that the ungodly soul-tie with the person who wrongly touched them has become a spirit of homosexuality which now occupies them (homosexuals), she added.

Demon possession? Surely I would like the homosexual spirit, because of the Christian homosexuals I know, they show all the fruits of the spirit. But I only see people like you bearing bad fruits from your tree, darling. And I am sure, non of it is from God.

"So this spirit of homosexuality has an appetite for homosexual acts, and is using your body for its own appetite. When a homosexual person confesses and repents the sin, we can tell the spirit to leave and the homosexual desire will also go," said Southern, who has ministered into the lives of homosexuals in her country, many of whom have turned over a new leaf.

Yes, and perhaps if you repent from such judgemental heart and mindless thoughts, the spirit of heterosexuality will flee from you too.

Earlier, in her presentation, she said godly sex is sex within a covenant marriage with God's blessing and God teaches us to say "No" to ungodly sex and worldly passions.

So are you asking everyone to be celibate now?

"God created us as sexual creatures being male and female, and wants. Sex was originally God's idea. We consummate a biblical marriage. In God's perfect plan for Mankind, sex is spiritual and sex is worship of God. But sex without a marriage covenant is a curse.

That is why homosexuals want to settle down with their partners in marriage. Duh. And the male n female talk again? I pity those who are born intersexed, those females without ovaries and males who lost their testicles then. They lost God's image. So sad. That is what you are implying, is it lady?

"During sexual intercourse, two people become one as God intended. There is an intermingling of spirit, soul and body in the sexual act. Sex is therefore spiritual.

I could not agree with you more. It can be spiritual when you stop condemning consensual sexual relationships between two sane adult men.

Likewise, sex in marriage is worship where the spirit is nurtured, strengthened and built up in mutual comfort, intimacy, love and encouragement," she added.

Goodness! So you are encouraging spouse rape and non-consensual sex in marriage? How low is that? I wonder how would those couples by planned marriages feel about it.

Yuki's thoughts: Yuki has too may thoughts about this Jill Southern's pure bigoted thoughts that she is having a thoughts overload.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Sisters.

We are doing ourselves no favours. Yes, I may always give my heartfelt love to those of us who struggle in our daily lives, to those of us who have commited suicide because of the rejection we all face daily. But I cannot help to think what if, just what if we had actually aggravated our own situations with our own doings. In our lives contantly living under the norm prejudices, have we ever thought that maybe it is we ourselves contributing to the lost of respect for our sisters?

A lot of my friends are so surprised with me when they started to know me as a transsexual female. They even told me how they cannot stand the others, and were surprised that I was not one of 'them'. I ask them for their thoughts, and I got really a heavy mouthful of condemnations. It seems that the rest of them trans sisters of mine do not behave in any likeness of a female, let alone a good human being or a sane creature. In fact, I share some of their feelings.

Seriously, I had come out of the closet again, and lived as who I am for the past two years. But I barely seen any real transsexuals. There may be some, but it seems that I am surrounded by mostly transvestites who consider themselves transsexuals just because they dared to operate and grow breasts, and some crossdressers who wants to pass as women to the extent of surgery. In fact, I identified most transsexuals actually exist overseas than here in Malaysia.

All of these transvestites in transsexuals clothing almost have the same habits. They want to become beautiful women. They are desperate to pass as as a girl. If they are really transsexuals, they would have no needs whatsoever to do so. Because they already know they are women as I know. In fact, I have a lot of my 'sisters' encouraging me to wear make up as to look like a girl more. See, that is the problem. I do not find the need to wear make up as to 'pass as a girl'.

I also do not see the whacky idea of smuggling tons of estrogen pills from Thailand and overdosing yourself with it to hell as necessary. On a contrary, it is dangerous. I do not see any trans sisters I know doing so except here in Malaysia. Here the culture for the sisters is to be the best, to be famous, to be the most prettiest as possible. But to do so with the extremes like hormones overloads? Botox and Collegen injections every month? Goodness, is being even more beautiful than normal girls the only objective in life for transsexual females, and in the event, even sacrificing health and long term grace of growth?

With the constant overfixation to appear as a wannabe beautiful girl, this is where the problems occur that scar our own faces from getting our due understanding and empathy from the society. A society that is already having problems separating the good girls and the bad girls, the transvestites and the transsexuals. Yet these 'sisters' crave for all the wrong things. This also causes the crave for money. It makes the world go round and it is needed for all the surgeries, operations and treatments needed for a transsexual. That is the birth of materialism in their hearts. Some to the extent of cheating tons of cash from friends.

Besides the obvious money cheating, and some who have the totally unnecessary need for prostitution, trying to seduce men is top of the list. It annoys not only my friends who are straight, but also me when I see transsexual wannabe transvestites or true sisters behaving like they are princess high and mighty, trying to pick up men. They think they are so darn attractive, behaving as if they are even better than girls. They think all men would be wooed by them, which is foolish considering most of these men would puke at their slimy attitude.

These 'sisters' try to walk as if they are afraid of breaking their heels, and avoid their hands doing even slightly tougher things to not risk breaking a fingernail. Even some who are working in pubs and shopping complexes, overdress in comparison to their female counterparts. They are more concerned with looking super good and to get a man good looking enough to display their ego-inflation than just being a normal living girl. In the end, their actions and lives are plastic, and dishonesty replaces the honour of just being a female.

I am sorry, but I do not wish to wear this rubbish. Society already confused transsexuals with transvestites. When some of these transsexuals and transvestites are hormone fukked in their brains by self overdosage into a constant craving for sex and beauty, their lifestyle would have the society equating these 'sisters' to me. And I, and many others am supposedly on a mission of education. They are destroying themselves and the very hands who are advocating for them. Yes, the society discriminates and most religious hypocrates are bigots. But are we must think, are some of us under the transgender umbrella adding the world's insecurities and sensitivities?

The woman's rights are not won by drugs. They are won by woman who worked twice as hard as men. Blacks got that rights by showing they are just as capable as their white counterparts in any fields. Transsexual rights would never be won by the constant potrayals by our transvestite counterparts as men pretending to be women, and the image of transsexuals as women with lose morals. Some lifestyles we live would only contribute to stubborn stereotypes most people have on us. Some of what we do as a minority, would affect others in the community.

To those who have choices, please live on the good options. Our fate may just swing to our favour, but it is in your hands. Remember that our futures rely on what choices we make. The better choices we make today, the better our tomorrows may be. Let us prove ourselves worthy of equality and respect. Earn friends on the right manner. And show to society we are not the freaks they think we are, but beautiful part of a diversed creation of God. It is time to grow up.