Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What A Week It Had Been.

It was such a surreal feeling when Luis Nani slotted in the third goal. Manchester United won 3-0 against Liverpool, and I am left feeling ecstatic. What could beat that? An unlikely ally for a day Chelsea winning 2-1 against Arsenal. That places my favourite football club for 22 years at 5 points ahead of Chelsea, with 7 games (equivalent to 21 points) to go. It means Sir Alex Ferguson, whom I followed since replacing Ron Atkinson in 1986, is inching closer to his 10th Premier League crown.

The night before, the staff of my home pub Dragon Zone (formerly known as Face 2) threw me a sort of surprise party. I drank myself to the ground that day, for it would probably be the last day I drink, a bit over 3 months to go for my Sex Reassignment Surgery. I may not even touch another single drink again after that, for I am just not a drinker and really bored of all the daze while drinking and the headaches the day after. The PR Ah Yen even bought me a CJ7 doll as a gift.

Thursday the 20th March, it was a joyous reunion with my sister LY. I call a lot of people my sister, but that is on a friendship basis, and some because it was a nick for transgenders. She was however, the only person whom I would treat as my real sister at the least in my life. She is the only one of few people I have left to call my family. Having not seen her for almost 3 years, she sure changed a lot. And I am sure I changed even more since the last time she saw me I was still a troubled boy!

When we hugged each other near the new wing second floor escalator at Sunway Pyramid, reality hit me. I really loved this woman. She was the first to 'notice' the girl me that was undefined. We had a nice lunch at the Marakesh in a Chinese Restaurant before we went shopping together. I am still shy to let her see me try on some clothes I planned to buy, but deep in my heart, I know I had always been her sister, and she accepted it. It was nice chit chat journey driving her home too.

Monday 17th was also extra special. I expected it, and it finally come. Responses to my article on Ex-Gay Watch. It was strangely special because it was comments from people from Real Love Ministry. I am of course curious at why Edmund Smith could not come out and be accountable to his ex-gay myth, and needed to rely on cronies to do his bidding. Oh well, that is what brainwashing and indoctrination does anyway, judging by their dogmatic overtures. It was fun debunking them.

Sunday the 16th was a true karaoke bash. 8 of my ex-colleagues attended it, and we had a heck of a time at Neway Galaxie. There were so many new songs we sang, so many moments to cherish. There were MTV Karaoke versions to the songs “Hips Don't Lie” and “Zombie” to my surprise. The sound system in the extra large room was superb too. Since I had not been to a Karaoke room environment for a long time, this was an exhilarating experience for me, especially the music.

Not only they spent me, but they gave me a gift I shall never forget. A new Manchester United jersey! I believe it is a Class B jersey since I saw that it is made in Thailand, but I loved it all the same. We had a swell time and when the night was almost over, the whole floor of the Karaoke room was wet (luckily the management did not hold us responsible). The event ended with my best friend drunk and we call it an early night. My night ended having supper with my good friend B.

This was the one week buildup to my birthday yesterday. There were a lot of wishes all over Facebook and Friendster, and from some parts of the world (If you are reading this, thanks for the Beatles birthday song Peterson, I mean it!). There were SMSes and calls. It was another wonderful day yesterday, especially reading news of Manchester United's triumph in the newspapers. I wrapped up my night by finishing another article for Ex-Gay Watch. Yep, on writing form indeed.

I would like to have this opportunity to thank all the people who had made my life so wonderful this past week. I know you do not wish I mention names, so I would of course keep the privacy thingy. Even though my husband cannot share it with me, this had really been one of the most beautiful weeks of my life leading up to my birthday. You will all be in my heart, my writings and my life. I will continue to hold on to these sweet memories as long as I live. I am forever your girl. Ditto.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prayer Request For Edmund Smith and Real Love Ministry.

In the aftermath of my second article for Ex-Gay Watch, I was alerted to this at Edmund's website.

"Please pray for Vivienne @ Yuki. He is a transgender (male wanting to be female). He is aggressively moving from one website to another (internationally) trying to ruin the name of Ps Edmund and Real Love Ministry. Pray for Jesus to touch him."

Gosh, I am so touched. Let us all pray for him, his wife and Real Love Ministry too!

Please pray for both Pastor Edmund Lawrence Smith and Pastor Amuamanda Smith (I respectfully call them their full names) to be able to learn to call me by my name Vivienne Yuki Choe instead of adding the annoying @.

Please pray for both of them to read more about Harry Benjamin Syndrome or Gender Identity Disorder, and also what is a transgender from authorative sources. That is why psychiatrists calls me girl, and do we really want to listen to personal dogma based on no facts?

Please pray for both of them concentrate on my writings for only three sites, “Ex-Gay Watch” in which I am now a writer, my personal blogsite “The Journey Of Yuki”, and the advocacy site “Reflections Asia”, and make them realise I had no time to write for other sites.

Please pray they stop being lazy to study on latest research on Homosexuality and Transgenders.

Please pray they read what I write before condemning me of spending too much on Real Love Ministry, as I have other articles they seem to not appreciate about other ex-gay ministries.

Please pray for Pastor Edmund's CDs to sell well because he may be only be parroting non-sense, but he did it to support his two kids.

Please pray for Our Saviour to touch them so that they can see they are actually not reading my other interesting articles which may benefit them for their ministry.

Please pray for both these pastors to start acting like pastors.

Please pray for Pastor Edmund's credibility, because after he lost it last year he is becoming desperate.

Please pray for Pastor Amuamanda to stop being a Christian extremist.

Please pray for their children because they are growing up being the children of an ex-gay man.

Please pray for both of them to stop calling me a he, because I am already more manly then Pastor Edmund (tounge-in-cheek!).

Please pray for both of them to be diligent in distributing factual information instead of parroting misrepresentation of homosexuals and transgenders.

Please pray for both of them for the discernment to separate what is transgender and what is transsexual.

Please pray for both of them to stop accusing me of ruining their name, when they already ruined their own names by perpetuating dogma instead of facts.

Please pray for them that they stop making fool of themselves then come blame it on 'pro-gays'.

Please pray that they begin to open their eyes and see that this is only the 8th post out of 90 about them in my site, and that I have a life, and that of all I write for the benefit LGTs.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nong Tum.

This post is dedicated to a fiery lady that needs no introduction, an ode to a transsexual female who leads by example to never let anyone intimidate her.

She is Parinya Kiatbusaba (or Parinya Charoenphol), better known to all of us as Nong Tum.

In one of her most notable fights >.

In her final fight. In the movie 'Beautiful Boxer', it is mentioned that it is after this fight in which she is starting to feel conflicted with her love for Muay Thai, her treatment by fight organizers as a circus show and her wanting to be her true girl self. It was then she withdrew from the sport under pressure from Muay Thai traditions of not allowing females to fight and complete her SRS.

The trailer for the movie "Beautiful Boxer". The movie won tons of allocades including Best Actor at the Thai Academy Awards for Asanee Suwan who played Nong Tum, and several other international awards such as:

- Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Best Feature Film, winner (2004)

- Thailand National Film Association Awards – Best Actor Asanee Suwan, winner; Best Makeup Kraisorn Sampethchareon, winner (2004)

- San Sebasti├ín International Film Festival – Sebastian Award, winner (2004)

- Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – Best Film, winner (2004)

- Outfest Achievement Award – Outstanding Emerging Talent, Ekachai Uekrongtham (2004)

- GLAAD Media Awards – Outstanding Film Limited Release, nominated (2006)

Nong Tum makes a special guest appearance in this movie as a beauty therapist, and Nong Tum's last opponent Kyoko Inoue plays herself, re-enecting the final fight in the movie.

Some photos of Nong Tum then and now here:

Yuki's Choice Reading:

Nong Tum On National Geographic.
Nong Tum's profile in Wikipedia.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Of Transsexuals, Transvestites and Transgenders.

It was loathsome. Two transvestites humiliated themselves doing a ridiculous sexy dance in a show of feigned ‘feminity’ in order to get into the finals of the Miss Say Yes annual ‘pageant’. I am one of the contestants for this week’s heat at the request of my friend who was PR manager at the place. But the applauses were given more to the transvestite contestants for making a fool of themselves then the serious transsexual contenders.

I am very tempted to withdraw from this show of utter drag flamboyance, but for my friend’s plea. It is not that I am in any way intolerant of transvestites (cross dressers, drags alike) but I am starting to feel the serious implications of lumping both transsexuals and transvestites, two totally different sets of people into one label we call transgenders; especially in a society that already finds it hard to differentiate between the two subsets.

I recently chatted online with Marti of Transadvocate.com; and I told her that I completely support total separation between transsexuals and transvestites, but I also shared to her that as not one transvestite can judge transsexuals like me for wanting the surgery, we transsexuals cannot judge transvestites for wanting to cross-dress as women even thought they identity as men. A pot and a kettle still belong in the kitchen I told her.

Getting a layman to understand the differences is already difficult. Then, battle lines were drawn for the past few months within the transsexual groups, when transsexuals who do not wish to associate with then term transgender starts to condemn those transsexuals who are comfortable with the term. They are called Women Born Transsexuals (WBT). Confused? I too when they went on to attack transsexuals who chose not to go for SRS.

Now I believe everyone has the right for self-determination and interpreting the Harry Benjamin Syndrome and Standards Of Care. But to use it in order to justify bigotry against transsexual sisters by calling them men in women dresses is also uncalled for. A transsexual is a transsexual is a transsexual. A lot of transsexuals cannot undergo SRS because of religion. If they do so they would be flogged, jailed or even killed in prison.

So how do we define “men in dresses”? I apologize, but let me tell you something. I am not a transvestite, I know I am a girl born with an abnormal mutation, but I have friends who are transvestites. They will willingly admit to everyone they are men and just like to cross-dress. Just like a lot of my tomboy friends would tell you they are still comfortable females. I am a pre-op transsexual, and that certainly does not make me a transvestite.

In any case, it would not even matter soon because I am going for SRS in June, so not one WBT would have anything on me because I would had, in their terms, being ‘born’ a transsexual. Which for me is still not accurate. I am born an incomplete girl. But going to be a lady. So there needs to be clarity here. A transsexual may not have an operation but could still remain a transsexual. Like a man that lost his dick in an accident is still a man.

In the end, WBT and transsexual should be separated from what is transvestite. Actually I find both transsexual groups do fit into the transgender category, but not transvestites. Why Virginia Prince invented the word ‘transgender’ to mix transsexuals and transvestites together is beyond me; transvestites have more to do with transfer of clothes rather than transfer of gender. A social construct should never be used to represent human beings.

Yuki's Thoughts: Yes, I will withdraw from the competition for the sake of my WBT and TS sisters.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Proof Of Fat.

I was tired, but nevertheless excited to hang out at this new place my pal Jenny recommended me at TTDI. As I got into her friend’s car, she remarked, ‘We are going to a club, so do you wish to put on something better for it? You look like an auntie’. So I returned to my humble room and tried on some dresses I had not wore in a year. After selecting the most comfortable one, I sat on my bed in attempt to apply some eye shadow.

Popped! Two of the buttons of my favourite sexy semi bare back dress decided to shoot themselves off. As I cursed myself at the prospect of having to fix the minor damages, another matter came into my mind. I am really fat now! As I scoured across the room for more options in nightwear I realise the choices I had was few and far between. I wore another favourite sexy one piece; it was then I noticed bulges that were inexistent before.

The sightings of a fat Yuki have been aplenty these days. Many of my friends had commented about the fat allocation around my belly. So much so embarrassingly I had to wear a strap around my stomach sometimes. When the side of my foldable bed gave way one day I was shattered. I am having liver problems, so I do not wish to starve myself. But I am desperate to get back the 60kg frame I had before. 80kg Yuki just would not do.

I am lucky to get married to a husband that does not care if I am fat. And friends did tell me I do not need to lose weight since I am already attached for better or for worse. But I felt not striving to look good after getting married is a lame excuse. So many older married women I had met still maintain a great body even way past their 50s. So I really do not see the reason why I should not attempt to achieve it, especially with my age now.

My legs too have problems supporting my body’s weight. A walk around One Utama shopping center proved to be a hurting experience on my thighs and feet. One of my friends Pei had the same problem, she became an ally in reminding me the importance of losing my excess baggage or I would have to spend cash weekly for foot reflexology. It was a stark realization that my jogging plans rests heavily on a strong, fit pair of legs.

Exercise itself was a tormenting experience. I strutted around just four rounds around the park and ended up with tired and sore legs for four days in which I walked like a zombie. The fat just would not go away. The bulge wishes to make my stomach its home. I am increasingly frustrated with the knowledge that at my 30 plus age my metabolism is slowing down. My quest to get rid of the unwanted pounds looks increasingly impossible.

I am now tempted to go vegetarian. Since diet pills do not help and even make matters worse, I am resigned to taking extra virgin olive oil with bread for meals as my husband recommended. And in my attempt to quit smoking, I do know that statistically I am going to gain at least a few kg once cigarettes no longer control of my life. But at least drinking only two times a week helps. But my mind still ponders on how to get that slim body.

Yes, I do admit my obsession to lose weight is due my ego and my insane addiction to self-image. I had lost the opportunity to own a killer female body back in my younger days when I was tied down to being a boy. I already have a female looking face, but it is rough all over with pimple scars. My body, with its hidden feminine shape and silky smooth skin is all I have. But I hope to achieve the nice body along with my health intact.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yuki's Funnies: Calpernia Addams Presents "Bad Questions".

I would have no time for you if you have the urge to ask me anything in regards to transsexuals... so I would leave it to a prominent dear advocate from the US....

"Bad Questions - Questions Never To Ask A Transsexual Person" by Calpernia Addams.

Yuki's Choice Reading:

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Yes, it is a her you dumb (beep)!

Where Is The Love? It Is Found In Love Itself.

A friend from the Credo group recently alerted me of this article, which cleary and instinctively explains the situation between LGTs and Christianity with the conflicts within. This is an excellent commentary worth sharing for all to peruse:
From PopMatters:

Queer, Isn't It?: Jesus Loves Me, This I Know by Michael Abernethy.

"Imagine you are in a park with your young son or daughter. It’s a nice day and you’re enjoying your time with your child, when you notice a man in the park. One of the other parents tells you that the man is a homosexual. How would you feel? You would worry about the safety of your child. You should leave the park as fast as possible, and you probably wouldn’t go back to that park again.”

This frightening scenario was the introduction to a presentation one of my college students made; the proposed topic of his speech was why homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry. It’s not a position I support, but I encourage my students to be honest in their speeches, so long as they can provide a rational foundation for their positions. However, this particular young man chose not to argue in his speech that marriage was intended for one man and one woman, but instead proposed that all homosexuals should be rounded up and forced to live together on an island. His rationale for this proposition: the Bible.

Needless to say, I was disappointed by his speech. Assuming his idea was feasible and the horrible homosexual sinners could so easily be isolated, why stop there? How about the Isle of Lost Adulterers? The Strait of Whores? Pedophile Peninsula? And why stop with the sexually-based sins? Why not have the County of Persons who Fail to Honor Mom and Dad, False Witness Valley, and Coveter’s Cove? But then you start to run into problems with logistics. Where, for example, would you put the person who bore false witness against his or her parents?

Certainly, each individual is entitled to his or her beliefs. My student has every right to support a homophobic, antiquated idea of morality. Likewise, each individual is free to define sin however he or she chooses. I’m sure more than a few religious types would be disturbed by my notion of who is rotting in the inner circle of Hell, so I won’t presume to tell them whom they have to believe is there. Nonetheless, no one concept of sin or religion should be considered a mandate for a philosophy of government.

In the United States, of course, that mandate usually stems from calls for legislation based on a conservative Christian ideology. The implications of governance based on conservative Christian beliefs are far-reaching for the GLBT community. A Marriage Amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and woman is a certainty, civil unions will be banned, and protections against hate crimes and discrimination on the job and in housing would be erased. Quite possibly, a return to imprisonment or death for GLBT persons could occur.

Those who think a return to the days of killing homosexuals is far-fetch need only read Leviticus 20:13-14, which calls for exactly that (but only male homosexuals—lesbians get a pass on being put to death at least, but they too, will be persecuted). Thus, the rhetoric of the upcoming election rightly has gay and lesbian activists worried as to how far some candidates would go.

Take the words of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who announced while campaigning that Ameicans should amend the US Constitution to match “God’s standards”, not change God’s standards to match the Constitution. Or how about John McCain, who told Beliefnet.com that the Constitution founded a Christian nation (although not really, as the Constitution contains no reference of God whatsoever). While McCain has retracted his statement, there’s still the Republican Platform of Texas, which flat-out declares that the United States is a Christian nation.

But whose Christianity? There are 67 million Catholics, 16 million Southern Baptists, and six million Mormons in the United States. All three of these branches of Christianity have vastly different interpretations of the Bible, and their readings differ from those of the Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lutherans, Greek Orthodox, and others. If we go with the majority, clearly then America is a Catholic nation, but try selling that idea to Texas Republicans.

Then there are the fringe Christians, such as the members of Westboro Church, better known as Fred Phelps’ church. According to Phelps, Heath Ledger will burn in Hell for playing a gay man, along with former NFL star Patrick Tillman, who died defending a country that harbors gays. In Phelps’ worldview, God may be displeased but can accept the 17,000 yearly murders, 92,000 annual rapes, and 234,000 convicted pedophiles in Phelps’ country; however, homosexuality has angered God to the point that He is willing to allow innocent people to die in war, natural disasters, and terrorist acts just to make a point. Where does this interpretation of Christianity fit in a Christian nation?

Therefore, the first challenge of this Christian nation would be to set a standard of what "Christianity” means. Its second challenge is to have a major overhaul of both its government and its economy. Currently, only two acts listed in the Ten Commandments are illegal. Constitution amendments need to be passed immediately to insure that Americans aren’t taking the Lord’s name in vain and that the next time a President gets a blowjob outside of wedlock, there will be no doubt about his fate.

Also, those Constitutional amendments outlawing slavery will have to be revoked, although the new slavery will be economically-based and not racially. The Bible is very explicit about who can and should be a slave—for instance, any one who is a daughter, i.e., all women, are game.

Of course, the greatest economic impact will be the closing of, well, everything on Sunday. No cops or prison guards working, hospital employees will get the day off, no store clerks or restaurant workers can work—which means that all stores and restaurants will be closed. No football or other sports, no newspaper, no TV broadcasts, no Sunday matinee at the movies, no zoos or museums available on this day. Americans must not ask those people employed at such places to risk their eternal souls by working on Sunday. The resulting loss of revenue to those industries is incalculable, not to mention the loss of human life when paramedics, fire personnel, and doctors fail to answer emergency calls.

The fashion industry will be hit particularly hard, as the mixing of fabrics is banned, which I find problematic as I got this really cool sweater for Christmas I’ll have to burn. The farming industry will also be hit hard, since it’s forbidden to mix seeds within a field. No more growing corn in the same field as lettuce. Both the food industry and football are in for a shake-up, as touching the carcass of a pig is prohibited. On the up side, sheep farmers will see a boom, since people will be able to offer up ewes as offerings for their sins. Likewise, the poor will prosper in this Christian nation, as the Bible commands all to be “open-handed” with them.

There are literally thousands of changes that will have to be made for Americans to truly form a Christian nation, from stoning women who don’t cover their heads in church to exempting newlywed men from military or civic duty. But suppose Americans unite under another religion, say, Islam, Hinduism, or Scientology? No matter what the religion, big changes will have to be made.

To some, what I am suggesting may seem ludicrous. No civilized Western country would engage in such practices as the ones listed here. Yet, Jesus tells us it’s an all or nothing proposition:

I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will
disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened. If any man therefore sets aside even the least of the Law’s demands, and teaches other to do the same, he will have the lowest place in the kingdom of Heaven… (Matthew 5:18 - 19)

Thus, it’s clear that one doesn’t get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible will be obeyed, but realistically, that’s what happens every day. In America, mandates within the Law of the Bible that are no longer culturally acceptable, such as slavery or public stoning, are ignored, while others become political talking points.

All of this Biblical talk matters for one simple reason: many use the Bible as justification for discriminatory practices. We can’t allow gays and lesbians to wed because it isn’t sanctioned in the Bible. We can’t allow gays and lesbians to raise children because the Bible rebukes them. We can’t allow gays and lesbians to live because it makes God mad.

Yet, we allow these same “special rights” to other” sinners”. If you want to deny me my rights because I’m a sinner, work just as hard to deny the rights of every other sinner in this country. Otherwise, shut up.

Perhaps if Americans want to incorporate religion into their governing process, they should invoke the ethic of reciprocity, the one idea that is consistent across every major religion of the world. In Christianity, it’s known as the Golden Rule. The Buddhists say “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful”, while the Islamic faith states “None of you believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” Native American religion tells us "What we do to everything, we do to ourselves. All is really One”. Wicca preaches that in all things, practitioners should do no harm. In other words, if you don’t want your right to marry to be based on whether people accept whom you have fallen in love with, don’t impose that standard on others.

When you remove the religious position from the equation, there is no argument as to why gays and lesbians shouldn’t marry. Nothing in the US Constitution forbids it, and the structure of that governing document for the Country encourages equity. Sure, lots of people will posit arguments based on biased and disreputable “research” (gays are all pedophiles, lesbians can’t sustain relationships), but the truth boils down to this: there is no justifiable reason to deny GLBT persons equality under the law. It’s not about your right to believe in religion; it’s about your right to impose those beliefs on all of us.

Yuki's Thoughts: LGTs have a long way to go in gaining recognition and presence in Christianity. But the prayer remains for a better tomorrow in peace and love.

Transgenders/Transsexuals And Malaysia (We Love Our Country, But Our Country Do Not Love Us).

The elections in Malaysia are coming again, and once again there is not even one politician willing to take on the lesbian, gay and transgender issues in Malaysia. Over at the United States, the proponents of the issues is headed by Democrat Senator Barrack Obama, followed by Senator Hilary Clinton and surprisingly Republican John McCain. Both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton had voiced disgust over the senseless murder of 15-year old transgender Lawrence King in California.

In the States, and across the world, the adaptation of the new look on homosexuality and transgenderism has hit a high. When the APA removed homosexuality from the DSM-IV in 1973, a stance supported by other major medical and mental health institutions (something the Christian fundamentalists view as caused by pressure of gay groups), more and more people are realising it is absurd to state that 477,000 medical and mental health professionals bowed down to any pressures.

Instead it is a reassurance that decades of studies had proven that homosexuality is just as normal a condition as heterosexuality. On Gender Identity Disorder or GID (know to be equated at some quarters as Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS)), the general public is beginning to realise that this medical condition exists, and goes to challenge the very fabric of sexuality perpetuated by religious groups and the conservative public. Sadly, these information is filtered out in my country, Malaysia.

In Malaysia, transgenders/transsexuals are considered a culture and often rejected by society as freakish outkasts. Most are considered to be creatures having declined social morals. And because the people in this box called Malaysia refuse to think out of the box, most transgenders are always stuck in their closets, fearing disrimination and rejection. Transsexuals got it worse, because they can never be in closets, making them an obvious target of not only ridicule, but also violence.

Three years ago, a transsexual named Mumtaz in Ipoh was arrested, stripped and humiliated by Malaysian Police personnel for waiting for her husband in a hotel room. Last year, a transsexual named Ayu was arrested for just chatting with a friend at a bus stop, then was seriously beaten by religious authorities. This year, another named Freda was found murdered. The media disrespectfully portrayed her as a 'he' wearing red long-sleeved T-shirt, black bra and black pants.

Along the lines, the media never cease to broadcast 'bad news' about transgenders at every opportunity. And authorities continue to be brutal towards transgenders. Across the years, many transgenders/transsexuals are being penalized (some are non-muslims), abused, raped, cheated and even murdered. Some managed to get some headlines thanks to affiliates and groups such as PT Foundation. Most sadly ended up John Doe's, even though medical sciences calls them Jane's.

Transgenders/transsexuals are people. Some of us are registered voters like me. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. So why is the government treating transgenders/transsexuals with such disdain is beyond me. GID/ HBS are valid medical conditions requiring treatment of aligning the body to its correct sexual identity. We need protection. Alas, in Kuala Terengganu, they attempt rehabs to get MF transgenders/transsexuals out of feminine 'habits'.

The absurd, foolish and ludacrious treatment handed out by Malaysian authorities upon transgender/transsexuals have not even raised one eyebrow hair in the government of Malaysia. Malaysia claims glory and coming of age in sending a space flight attendant (oops, sorry, erm' astronaught) to space. Malaysia heralded development of infrastructure like the Petronas Twin Towers. However for transgenders/transsexuals, Malaysia chose to be ignorant and preducicial.

Such is a country labelled around the world as a laughing stock. “First class facilities, third class mentality” they called Malaysia. Seriously for a country that gives its Muslim women the right to decide whether to have their hair covered, Malaysia still chooses to be stubborn in regards to it's own people who are transgenders/transsexuals. With more GID/HBS medical approach and legal protection applied by the world today (even Iranians are on it); what becomes of my country now?