Monday, December 3, 2007

Journey To Thailand (Part Two: Into The Night).

This trip to Thailand need not be a nightmare. I checked in at the hotel reservation centre for a room in Bangkok. Okay, I am already stuck here, so while waiting for my boyfriend to rescue me, I might as well go down to the city centre and make the best of a day plan gone awry into a short one night holiday. After booking my stay in a Wall Street Inn off Silom Road, off I went to Bangkok on another taxi with a driver that knows no English.

It was when I reached the city centre that I realized how big Bangkok was. Huge! It was at the least 3 to 4 times bigger than Kuala Lumpur. Even after reaching the city, it took a long while to reach the hotel. Silom road is one place I had wanted to go for sometime, because I heard most of my transsexual sisters are there. I am curious to find out their living conditions in comparison to the sisters in Malaysia. Has it changed or improved?

I arrived at the hotel and after checking into my room, I found that my room was really small and comes without a bathtub. In my frustration I still try to cheer myself up. Thailand programmes were incomprehensive because there are no English subtitles. There are also hardly any channels to watch. I took a short bath and calculated the money I have. After everything is set, here I go into the most happening street in Bangkok.

With ATM card not working here in Bangkok and barely enough to go back to the airport in the morning, it became a very budgeted walk. I have barely 1000 thai baht in my budget this night, because I needed to reserve some 500 thai baht for any emergency. I asked around the crowd where I can meet my transsexual sisters, and it was then I was led to a night market just around the corner with tons and tons of pubs and clubs around.

I went inside one called ‘Super Pussy’. It sounds daring enough, but got a shock of my life when I am surrounded by at least two handfuls of nude girls, all expecting tips. The drinks were ridiculously priced at RM 300 bahts for a small glass of coke! And I have to give extra charges for just watching the nude show. So I quickly dashed out, not before I realized a naked girl on stage was opening a beer bottle with her pussy! Ouch!

I dashed to another place called ‘Pink Panther’. It is probably the more boring of the pubs I visited that night, but the drinks were quite cheap for a pub, at only 110 baht for a bottle of Heineken. There were three girls dancing on the pole, dressed sexy but still considered fully clothed. This would be a nice place to drink if the songs they played were better. Gosh, really missed the song Shiny Disco Ball. Is there someplace good to go to?

Well, it is within much deeper into the market place called ‘Tiger’. It is a mixed of biological girls and transsexual girls, lots of them, dancing in supremely skimpy bikinis to the point they were almost naked. Beer was incredibly cheap at only 100 baht. It also appeared to me a system there where the girls were numbered. Once a customer chooses the number, a customer would give a tip for the girls company, or bring them home.

I spoke to one of the transsexual sisters there, and from it I gathered that in order to live better, there is not much choice but sex work, especially when opportunities were few and far between. But she does harbour hopes one day she can have a better life. I decided to walk back to my hotel as it was getting late and I need to prepare to get home a day after. I breathed a silent prayer for my sisters in Thailand, and for a better tomorrow for all.

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