Monday, December 17, 2007

Pursuing Liberty Under Christ – Where change is possible. Is it?

I had recently noticed the more than normal sightings of ex-gay ministries in Malaysia, notably the upgrade of Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (PLUC). Say, hold on, another one? There are actually a few running in Malaysia, and ex-gay ministries are now attacking the South East Asian market in a big way. And again, unwarranted misinformation with the usual claims of ‘change’ that goes without any evidence.

I recently posted an article on Reflectionsasia in regards to their imagination of the homosexual state. As you surf their website, you would find the usual dogmas of the ‘struggling’ homosexual that seems to have no life and no hope perpetuated, that is further amplified with statements of homosexuals having peers who confuse them with comforting ‘gay theology’ or influences into ‘accepting a sinful lifestyle’.

There is always twist of the cause = effect theory with them. For example, I am a transsexual. Being born different than my common self caused me to be distanced from my parents. But however you knock their stubborn heads, they would still insist on twisting this one fact into my parents distance themselves from me; that is why I became different from my common self. Confused yet? That is how ex-gay ministry works.

PLUC repeats the tiring musings of RLM, stating sexual brokenness by parental rejection as a ‘cause’ of homosexuality. Broken masculinity becomes the cause of men into being in love with the same sex. It is so easy to be led astray to their type of shallow thinking, especially when they claim to have God on their side. But how many same sex couples ended up hurt and dehumanized by them? And how many would waste their years in it?

As for ‘change’, sources I got inside RLM had reported that there had been only very few success stories inside, and most of the gays and lesbians brought in swiftly left the group within a few meetings. But newcomers brought in, maintains the group to around 100 people. So they go around in circles with the same courses that runs a few months that are recycled every year. While science is advancing, understanding homosexuals better.

PLUC says ‘many’ have changed. Sure? Give us the identities of the changed ‘many’. Let the public eye or the gay and lesbian community interview these many ‘changed’ homosexuals so we may know it really ‘works’. What are the estimates? Where are the reports that have people from Universiti Malaya or Pantai Medical Centre looking over it, to confirm such event? Of course, excuses will push down results to only a few changes.

Exactly the same results Exodus International are having now. Few changes out of thousands of gays and lesbians walk through their doors. Changes that mean bisexuals that are sticking to the side that is being straight. Changes that mean confused heterosexuals who gone experimenting and realize homosexuality is not them. Or remorsefully, changes that mean homosexuals that choose celibacy. That is all to it.

With more and more former leaders of these ministries coming out to apologize for their organized bigotry motions and misinformation campaigns overseas, it is perhaps only a matter of time that Malaysian versions of these ministries start to confess the grave sins of further marginalizing an already misunderstood community that needs to be reconciled to The Lord, instead of having them defined by the standards ex-gays desire in them.

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