Sunday, January 13, 2008

Real Love Ministry responds to truth in extreme manner.

I have been waiting for this, but never in such fashion... Comments in bold....


Dont trust this transgender!


There is an individual by the name of Vivian @ Yuki @ Anonymous @ etc who is going international via internet to destroy the name and ministry Ps Edmund & RLM (

I have never use annonymous. I am proud to be out and I am known as Vivian Yuki Choe. I have nothing to hide, but as they showed here they have a lack of sense to discuss anything, then hide into their own dungeon of personal dogma.

This individual is a transgender (a male who believes that he is meant to be a female) who was once helped by Ps Edmund but became vicious because Ps Edmund refused to condone to his pro-gay and pro-transgender believes.

A transgender encompasses crossdressers and transvestites. A transsexual is a person chromosomnally, biologically, hormonally and psychologically defined in total opposite of the birth sexual organ in representation of the society's views on sex. Again, they refuse to do any research on the true definitions of the LGT scope, and instead prefer to invent their own definitions that are totally incorrect. I can announce that I have been diagnosed with 'Harry Benjamin Syndrom' with Gender Identity Disorder' by three medical professionals, as I explained in my previous post. But unfortunately, science of mental health and medical professionals are non existent in them as we can see here.

And the reason on Reflections Ministry opposing RLM as the opposite polar on LGT issues is already released in statement on this site. But as they show here, they have problems with reading information from sources other than from the creation from their untrained minds. They call what they do not read as crap.

The creation of Reflections Ministry was only for the purpose of gay, lesbian and transgender affirmation for christians and non-christians alike. The ex-gay articles wing were not to be inclusive of Real Love Ministry, because I still consider Edmund Smith a friend in Christ's love, and in giving face to his older brother. But after he unleashed an anti-transgender rhetoric article as mentioned in the link, I feel Reflections need to protect herself from such attacks coming from a man who professes love for the LGT community, but had shown otherwise.

Vivian stalks the internet to see where Ps Edmund / RLM are mentioned. And like below – he will condemned Ps Edmund / RLM. Below is just one of the hundreds of schemes of Vivian. He is dangerous & definitely an instrument of the devil. What can you do?

We realise here now what goes on in the mind of the heads of Real Love Ministry. Unable to discuss intelligently what had been tabled to them, they resort to this uncharacteristic attack on me, calling all the true facts and sciences I presented from here as 'schemes'. I am proud to be called 'dangerous', I should be in the face of such tirades, but to be accused of 'definitely an instrument of the devil'? Wow.

1. Pray for him

Thank you. I am sure Our Saviour would know what to do.

2. Do not entertain him (many Christians are interacting with him – online)

I believe after reading such incredible act of non commonsensial response, the online community would know who to entertain.

3. Pass this email to everyone you know.

Thank you, please do so.

Real Love brings Real Life,

Very true indeed. And REAL LOVE Ministry should be taken into scrutiny.

Ps Amanda Smith (wife of Ps Edmund Smith)"

This shows exactly that Real Love Ministry has reduced themselves into a cult, even without any assistance from me. I have stated facts, after facts, again facts, and instead of intellectually discussing the information I presented from valid and authorative sources, however they still resort to this totally unchristianlike manner. And with such lack of security and 'real love'.

With this being the 6th or 7th post on Real Love Ministry out of the 77 posts here, everyone can see I have a life other than talking about them. I only respond when there are more marginalization, misinformation and misrepresentation in regards to the LGT community. As such, perhaps now the lesbian, gay, and transgender community would know now why I no longer regard Real Love Ministry as an option in regards to Christian help for homosexuality. Rather, this show of force would help the community to finally realise what RLM is all about.

Yuki's thoughts:
If I am ever killed by someone who believes I am an instrument of the devil and thinks they are doing it 'for God', because they preached enough intolerace as they showed here; I am happy to return to He who takes this burden from me. However, not my will, but His be done. And I pray God washes their hands clean from their tresspassing and slaughter of the hearts of me and LGT community.


Yuki said...

P.S. -
One more thought. Since when Edmund Smith is exalted into a position that no one can talk a single thing about him; and anyone that talks the truth about the false musings of Real Love Ministry is called an instrument of the devil? Are you thinking what I am thinking? Oh dear. I surrender all these to Our Saviour.

hOcmun said...

hey hey.. i read the link, and the comments as well....

anyway, think about this:

"The Bible's writers has no understanding of homosexuality, or women and slaves for that matter. What more human beings."

do you mean those who wrote the bible has no understanding of the stuff?
technically yes they didn't at their time;
but isn't God the ultimate author of the bible?


Peterson Toscano said...

Yuki, I so appreciate you--your insight, intelligence, clarity and especially your heart that shines through your posts. Thank you for the work you do to speak out as a witness and a warning to the harm that can come when people, well-meaning or otherwise, seek to tamper with others' sexuality.

Sam Davies said...

Ummm, my wife an instrument of the devil? Sounds like the usual rhetoric of most churches when someone has something to say that is not in favor of their ways, ideas and actions (which more and more informed people realize have nothing to do with what is actually written in the Bible and what has been left out). Blaming the devil is so convenient and sounds very dramatic when nothing sensible, scriptural or evidential can be found. Yeah, I am an instrument of the devil as far as the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses are concerned who chose to throw me out to keep the Organization clean of the defilement of gender reassigned transsexual individuals. Wow. I have said this before and shall say it again, if only individuals like Vivienne and my self were so powerful there would be world peace and no children going to bed hungry.

Stalking the internet? Vivienne may spend many hours on the internet but only a fraction of that has to do with keeping a particular church, group or individual honest. ANYONE who misrepresents our Christ’s love and mercy and twists the Word of our Creator would in some way become a focus of her attention. Yes, she does have a life apart from her advocacy work.

Hundreds of schemes? Reporting truth is the one and only course of appropriate action which doesn’t need an ounze of scheming. Truth speaks for itself. Schemes are only necessary for those with something to hide in order to facilitate a path to mind control.

Love and peace,

Sam Davies (also not anonymous) or

Yuki said...

Hi Hocmun,

"do you mean those who wrote the bible has no understanding of the stuff?
technically yes they didn't at their time;
but isn't God the ultimate author of the bible?"

Did you not answer your own question? : )

I do not think God would author a Bible that asks us to kill disobedient children, kill those who are not virgins on wedding nights, kill those who work on Sundays... Okay, that is too Old Testamant....

But still the Bible even mentions blacks, slaves, and even women in a negative light.

The Bible is actually the inspired Word of God, stories of men seeking Our Saviour across the centuries and beyond, seeking Him through different cultural and socio political circumstances, as like how (I believe) we are writing our own gospels in the Book of Life now.

Even slavery is mentioned in Revelations (which in my own thoughts and interpretations, may mean employer and employee relationships today). If God was the ultimate author, surely he would screen and filter all the books from prejudicial behaviour.

But at least, the inspiration is there. The passion of the people to find out and write about Him in their own life journeys. So as we came to know women and slave discrimination as wrong, I believe someday soon homosexuals would be reconciled to Our Saviour the way that He would have wanted it, the way it should be. I pray on this.

To Christians worldwide, I believe Christ is a personal Saviour, and everyone should have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus, and not define what they think upon people, and likewise not allow others define themselves. Let God define what God wants from each and everyone of us. Thanks for letting me share this, hocmun.

Yuki said...

Hi Peterson, thank you for your regular visits to my site. I am just doing what is right. Everyone is an individual and everyone is different. And everyone is people.

No one should ask another to change to conform to their own sense of self. And what more when one want changes in people based on dogma or money. It is claptrap.

Yuki said...

Hubby, now now now dear, I am capable of handling them myself... Especially when they are scrambling down to Fred Phelps like behaviour... lol....

Seriously honey, I have not seen such displays since Pastor Allen whatzhizname from Church Of Malaysia. I could not believe it. Really went down in my estimations!

CrackerLilo said...

I am sorry that you are being harassed and defamed this way. *hug*

Yuki said...

Thanks crackerlilo, I guess since I am called into advocacy work, I realise these kind of stuff from our transgressors is just part and parcel of our daily lives, so I am kind of getting used to it.

Thanks for the hug. In my quest for God in reconciliating LGTs to Him, I do need that affirmation myself sometimes. Well appreciated.

GentleLamb said...

Good on you for standing up.

God bless and take care.

Gentle Lamb

Jaui said...

Hi Yuki,

Thanks for making a stand and saying something about the "Real Love Ministry". As I said in my post on your other blog, I think it's a whole lot of bollocks and from the first time I read about them, I'm just reminded about how much torture is actually is to be brave and come out as a gay man or a lesbian woman, or as a transgendered individual, even without people like Edmund shoving their beliefs down their throats that they are wrong for the "lifestyle their choosing".

For one, as we all know, it's not a choice. It's just a natural feeling that happens. It's not something to be suppressed (because that leads to depression, anxiety and eventually, in a lot of cases, suicide). Sure, Edmund can say that he is straight now and an ex-gay, but I'm sure if one were to put him through the tests and see his reactions to naked men/naked women, the truth would come out. But being "straight" is his choice and not something that he should be telling other people to do.

If there are more and more people like him who preach and think this way, the gay community will suffer. Just like in developed countries where being gay is slowly being accepted, they went through phases (and are still going through phases) where extreme treatments are used to "change" a person's sexuality. As for what RLM is doing, it's called emotional blackmail using religion.

I recommend watching Making of Me. It's a pretty frank journey made by singer John Barrowman about the origins of being gay and how it happens (whether it's environmental influence or if it happens before birth). You can find it on youtube at

What really irks me is that God, the Bible, Jesus and whatever else has been used to tell the LGBT community that what they're doing is wrong. I'm sorry, but there are seriously more important issues in the world today than helping LGBT's "see the light". How about perhaps helping governments in Africa see that genocide (ie. Darfur) is wrong? Or perhaps even letting our government know that there should be civil equality for all, no matter what race or religion? Seriously, LGBT rights are human rights too. It's not a Western slogan, it's a global slogan.

Shame on RLM and good on you Yuki!


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