Thursday, August 2, 2007

Announcements: Edmund Smith Turns Back On His Words.

There had been an agreement with Edmund Smith of the ex-gay ministry in Malaysia (Real Love Ministry or RLM) a few months back.

In this agreement, he would refrain from preaching or posting or mentioning any more lessons or articles or comments, in regards to transgender issues or about transsexuals or Gender Identity Disorder. He would stick to ex-gays and would not mix the already separate entities (sexual orientation) and (gender identity).

In return, I would refrain from mentioning him in any of posting or comments, and only discuss his ministry (RLM) as an ex-gay entity, as I would discuss about Exodus International all the way to Liberty League in Singapore. Any posting or comments made about ex-gay ministry would be in the form of dialogue and not as an attack to beliefs (because I learnt that beliefs are not debatable, only society sciences and reality of the world can be discussed)

To my utter astonishment, Edmund Smith recently posted a two month plus old article by Randy Thomas in his blog. The article is originally called 'Transgender Double Standard', in which Edmund Smith calls it 'It is human rights to be an exgay!!!'.

The article by Randy Thomas was a response to this landmark news:
Governor Ted Kulongoski signed two bills into law ensuring that all Oregon
families are treated with basic fairness and that all Oregonians can live and
work free from the sting of discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation or

Randy Thomas, as with Edmund Smith of course, had been known to have always confused sexual orientation with gender identity. Edmund Smith had, for a lot of times, mentioned homosexuals as 'gender confused', a term appealing to him to use, but wrong in interpretation even in transgender issues.

Edmund Smith's failure to acknowledge the simple trivial separate issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, deems himself unfit to discuss about the matters of LGT.

Because of his wishes to further confuse, mispreach and misinform everyone in his path in regards to subjects closest to the community and me; I will hereby mention Edmund Smith of Real Love Ministry as an entity of a non-ethical, unlearnt, unlicensed therapist / counselor of LGandT issues, on this and on my future articles, blogs and postings.

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