Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Reflections.

I am crazy. I really am. I am almost broke and homeless, but here I am attempting to establish some LGT blogs for the community. Do I qualify as an activist? I do not know. I have been reading a lot of lately and find myself lacking in the English department. The way they pen their words are like approximately 30 years ahead of our league here. And so is our progress. That is it, is it not? We LGTs in Asia are about 30 years behind our dearest caucassion counterparts in terms of human rights, laws, politics and mindsets.

Besides this personal blog, I opened up another two: (Reflections - still in progress)

-Cyberspace LGT community for information exchange between LGTs in the east and the west.
-Sharing LGT news and articles throughout the world.
-This is a blog for everyone.

a) Getting to know the LGT issues that are happening all around the world.
b) To know more of various LGT conditions in different countries. (Reflections Asia- still in progress)

- Watchdog on ex-gay groups in Asia, such as Exodus Asia Pacific and its affiliates.
- LGT Information and Education portal.
- This would be a LGT affirming Christian ministry, but not limited to Christianity stuff.

a) Reconciling sexuality, with faith, with science, with reality and with society.
b) Education / information sharing to the Asians about homosexuality and transsexualism.

So why am I doing this?

I would have God to thank for first. He inspired me, even in all my troubles now, to do something about the state of LGTs in Asia and in the world today. With Hong Kong and Singapore showing great progress, there are still a lot of countries, like here (Malaysia) and (Thailand) that are still struggling when it comes to the understanding of what homosexuality and transsexualism really is.

In addition, there are a bunch of mushrooming ex-gay ministries like Real Love Ministry and Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (Malaysia), Liberty League and Choices Ministry (Singapore), and I realise there is now a new danger when these groups misinform people about LGTs in their preachings and seminars, even to the extent of mixing everything up. And their brand of science is mind boggling indeed! Even Exodus International do not present such misleading blend of (censored)! One who has a trained mind and had undergone an ex-gay session in Malaysia would know. And these miseducation breeds ignorance, and in turn becomes intolerance, then hatred.

That is why, something needs to be done. But I cannot do it alone. I need support in the form of authors for the two above, and perhaps we can start up a community ministry together later. But first things first, if there are anyone of you out there who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersexed transsexual, ex-ex-transsexual or ex-ex-homosexual, even straight but affirming of us; I hope to hear from you. I now need those who are interested in writing, sharing about LGT issues and life, to be authors and activists for the two blogs above. If you share the common vision, to come of age, and having a better tomorrow for us and the younger generation of diversed God's creation, please e-mail me at

I am new in activism. So, before I start developing these two blogsites next week, if you have any ideas on how to work up these blogs up to satisfaction and make it into a powerful tool to improve the lives of LGTs around, or knows how make these sites a haven for those looking for solutions and information, or something needs to be done about my English before I stutter, let me know. Thank you very much. Will be sharing more next week after I faced more of my adventures. Ditto.

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