Friday, November 30, 2007

Announcement: Yuki's discovery.

No, I have not disappeared from the sight of cyberspace. Neither have I given up on my mission to counter voice the torrid misinformation and miseducation of ex-gay ministries. And I still have a lifetime to share about the ridiculous circumstances I go through in my life and the variety of environments I am going to find myself in.

I just had been real busy with my affairs in regards to my impending move, going to and fro the immigration departments to rush in my documents, bidding farewell to as much friends as possible, settling everything I can, and preparing myself for the next stage of my journey.

In fact, I am done, and I am now typing from my fiance's labtop some thousands of miles away from my home country. Yes, I am now in the absolute humid town of Darwin, at the North Territory in Australia. I am still alive. Also, I thank a number of readers that had been checking up on me. Reflections Asia and The Journey Of Yuki is still very much at your reading pleasure.


Peterson Toscano said...

Glad to see yiu back and that you will continue your mission to educate the public about ex-gay harm.

hOcmun said...

hey you're gonna go to Darwin and stay there?

Yuki said...

To Peterson Toscano:

It is our mision to spread our wings, letting all know that situations need not go the exgay way. The ex-gay ministries are multiplying like wildfire across the globe.

It is up to us core LGBTs who are validated and convicted in the reality and truth of us, to reach out and counter the lies and misinformation of these exgays, guiding society to a new outlook about who we are, while edifying and affirming those in the community.

To Hocmun:

Yes dear, Darwin is soon going to be my new home. Pending cyclones et all, I will be back to Malaysia sometimes.