Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What A Week It Had Been.

It was such a surreal feeling when Luis Nani slotted in the third goal. Manchester United won 3-0 against Liverpool, and I am left feeling ecstatic. What could beat that? An unlikely ally for a day Chelsea winning 2-1 against Arsenal. That places my favourite football club for 22 years at 5 points ahead of Chelsea, with 7 games (equivalent to 21 points) to go. It means Sir Alex Ferguson, whom I followed since replacing Ron Atkinson in 1986, is inching closer to his 10th Premier League crown.

The night before, the staff of my home pub Dragon Zone (formerly known as Face 2) threw me a sort of surprise party. I drank myself to the ground that day, for it would probably be the last day I drink, a bit over 3 months to go for my Sex Reassignment Surgery. I may not even touch another single drink again after that, for I am just not a drinker and really bored of all the daze while drinking and the headaches the day after. The PR Ah Yen even bought me a CJ7 doll as a gift.

Thursday the 20th March, it was a joyous reunion with my sister LY. I call a lot of people my sister, but that is on a friendship basis, and some because it was a nick for transgenders. She was however, the only person whom I would treat as my real sister at the least in my life. She is the only one of few people I have left to call my family. Having not seen her for almost 3 years, she sure changed a lot. And I am sure I changed even more since the last time she saw me I was still a troubled boy!

When we hugged each other near the new wing second floor escalator at Sunway Pyramid, reality hit me. I really loved this woman. She was the first to 'notice' the girl me that was undefined. We had a nice lunch at the Marakesh in a Chinese Restaurant before we went shopping together. I am still shy to let her see me try on some clothes I planned to buy, but deep in my heart, I know I had always been her sister, and she accepted it. It was nice chit chat journey driving her home too.

Monday 17th was also extra special. I expected it, and it finally come. Responses to my article on Ex-Gay Watch. It was strangely special because it was comments from people from Real Love Ministry. I am of course curious at why Edmund Smith could not come out and be accountable to his ex-gay myth, and needed to rely on cronies to do his bidding. Oh well, that is what brainwashing and indoctrination does anyway, judging by their dogmatic overtures. It was fun debunking them.

Sunday the 16th was a true karaoke bash. 8 of my ex-colleagues attended it, and we had a heck of a time at Neway Galaxie. There were so many new songs we sang, so many moments to cherish. There were MTV Karaoke versions to the songs “Hips Don't Lie” and “Zombie” to my surprise. The sound system in the extra large room was superb too. Since I had not been to a Karaoke room environment for a long time, this was an exhilarating experience for me, especially the music.

Not only they spent me, but they gave me a gift I shall never forget. A new Manchester United jersey! I believe it is a Class B jersey since I saw that it is made in Thailand, but I loved it all the same. We had a swell time and when the night was almost over, the whole floor of the Karaoke room was wet (luckily the management did not hold us responsible). The event ended with my best friend drunk and we call it an early night. My night ended having supper with my good friend B.

This was the one week buildup to my birthday yesterday. There were a lot of wishes all over Facebook and Friendster, and from some parts of the world (If you are reading this, thanks for the Beatles birthday song Peterson, I mean it!). There were SMSes and calls. It was another wonderful day yesterday, especially reading news of Manchester United's triumph in the newspapers. I wrapped up my night by finishing another article for Ex-Gay Watch. Yep, on writing form indeed.

I would like to have this opportunity to thank all the people who had made my life so wonderful this past week. I know you do not wish I mention names, so I would of course keep the privacy thingy. Even though my husband cannot share it with me, this had really been one of the most beautiful weeks of my life leading up to my birthday. You will all be in my heart, my writings and my life. I will continue to hold on to these sweet memories as long as I live. I am forever your girl. Ditto.

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