Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prayer Request For Edmund Smith and Real Love Ministry.

In the aftermath of my second article for Ex-Gay Watch, I was alerted to this at Edmund's website.

"Please pray for Vivienne @ Yuki. He is a transgender (male wanting to be female). He is aggressively moving from one website to another (internationally) trying to ruin the name of Ps Edmund and Real Love Ministry. Pray for Jesus to touch him."

Gosh, I am so touched. Let us all pray for him, his wife and Real Love Ministry too!

Please pray for both Pastor Edmund Lawrence Smith and Pastor Amuamanda Smith (I respectfully call them their full names) to be able to learn to call me by my name Vivienne Yuki Choe instead of adding the annoying @.

Please pray for both of them to read more about Harry Benjamin Syndrome or Gender Identity Disorder, and also what is a transgender from authorative sources. That is why psychiatrists calls me girl, and do we really want to listen to personal dogma based on no facts?

Please pray for both of them concentrate on my writings for only three sites, “Ex-Gay Watch” in which I am now a writer, my personal blogsite “The Journey Of Yuki”, and the advocacy site “Reflections Asia”, and make them realise I had no time to write for other sites.

Please pray they stop being lazy to study on latest research on Homosexuality and Transgenders.

Please pray they read what I write before condemning me of spending too much on Real Love Ministry, as I have other articles they seem to not appreciate about other ex-gay ministries.

Please pray for Pastor Edmund's CDs to sell well because he may be only be parroting non-sense, but he did it to support his two kids.

Please pray for Our Saviour to touch them so that they can see they are actually not reading my other interesting articles which may benefit them for their ministry.

Please pray for both these pastors to start acting like pastors.

Please pray for Pastor Edmund's credibility, because after he lost it last year he is becoming desperate.

Please pray for Pastor Amuamanda to stop being a Christian extremist.

Please pray for their children because they are growing up being the children of an ex-gay man.

Please pray for both of them to stop calling me a he, because I am already more manly then Pastor Edmund (tounge-in-cheek!).

Please pray for both of them to be diligent in distributing factual information instead of parroting misrepresentation of homosexuals and transgenders.

Please pray for both of them for the discernment to separate what is transgender and what is transsexual.

Please pray for both of them to stop accusing me of ruining their name, when they already ruined their own names by perpetuating dogma instead of facts.

Please pray for them that they stop making fool of themselves then come blame it on 'pro-gays'.

Please pray that they begin to open their eyes and see that this is only the 8th post out of 90 about them in my site, and that I have a life, and that of all I write for the benefit LGTs.


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Eddy said...

Please pray for Ps Edmund and Real Love ministry, they are living in an illusive world and out of touch with reality and dragging other people together with them. Pray that these people will be enlightened and turned to follow Jesus. Pray that they will be touched by Jesus and have a Christ centered minstry instead of a gay centered ministry. Amen

Oh, also pray that God will put some yang into Ps Edmund. I believe when God changes a person, He/she changes him/her totally. Ps Edmund's mannerism needs to be changed. God hasn't finished His/Her work yet. Please pray for Ps Edmund, he has too much yin in his mannerism. (Slap me please)

Why is the Christian church so interested in homosexuality? I have never heard of any Muslim or Buddhist having any minstry to convert gays to become straight or to stop gays from being gays. Is is because of what Sigmund Freud called "projection", projecting things that one doesn't like about oneself to other people???? Wow! Didn't know there are so many closeted gays/lesbians in the church (I wonder about the Pope who bans gays from being priests)