Thursday, September 13, 2007

Announcement: The Separation.

Just to inform everyone that the Reflections Asia blog is finally done! There would be more changes to the presentation of it in the near future, and also further changes as this testing period goes underway.

As such, The Journey Of Yuki hereby will be my personal blog with little discussions in regards to the community separated from Reflections Asia; while Reflections Asia, with the actual advocacy work being done,would be the portal for all of the LGTs to get together, be affirmed and be edified in and as who we are.

I hope you will all find Reflections Asia a worthwhile read, with the sharing of information and education, news and articles, testimonies and stories, and also a watchdog for ex-gay ministries in Asia.

New Authors and Contributors are also welcomed to help out in this new site for all of us.

The Reflections Asia link is: Thank you and will share more soon. : )

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