Friday, September 21, 2007

Straight But Not Happy?

Reading closely between the lines of this blog post, you will find evidence that the slanderous Church Of Our Saviour is doing a pretty good job. I do not understand why this fellow wants to parrot such shallow rubbish. My comments in bold.


If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. (Lev 20:13)

Again, the overfocus of homosexuality in the old laws of Leviticus, laws that conservatives themselves claim that it does not apply in our times and only applies to the Jews. Hope this boy wisens up and reads the rest of Leviticus 20.

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. (1 Cor 6:9-11)

Here is another verse that is heavily promoted by anti-gay churches. This of course refers to pagan immorallity, which had been mistranslated and misrepresented as same sex attraction. And it is written by Paul in the Bible, the woman basher who dislikes woman who do not wear veils, dressed sexily and strictly do not wish woman to have authority over man.

Had a talk by a speaker by Choices ministry where they seek to counsel, help and heal people with homosexuality problems and struggles. In short, this session talks about what defines a homosexual, their sexual orientation, the root of the problem and finally how to relate to people around us who are facing such problems.

The overuse of the word 'struggler' to define only the label of homosexuality is appalling. It paints a negative connotation that homosexuals are 'addicts' or are having some sort of 'sickness' that they are suffering. The boring reasons to why they believe the a blind church is explained below by this writer.

I guess the first thing which comes to most people’s mind when this topic is being discussed is that this is a taboo topic which no one would talk about it seriously or even treat it as a joke for due to our conservative nature, sex is a topic not widely talked about, much less a topic such as homosexuality. However this stigma that we have towards this topic can become a serious problem as in the mist of the hush and jokes, we may have unintentionally drown those among us who really faces such problems and it makes peer support and even the church sometimes an unsafe place to seek help and support for the problem. As such many people would either bite the bullet and endure this perversion and practice abstinence and try to suppress this feeling which is good at the surface but the problem still persists or worse still fall in the trap of thinking that I am born this way and there is nothing I can do to prevent so I would just carry out what I think is right and there are many out there who are available readily due to the enemy’s power and influence to further push the person deeper into sin. As Jesus say, love the sinner but hate the sin, therefore we must be open and willing to help and relate to people who have such problems and not be paranoid and have unnecessary fear for them as at the end of the day, they are humans just like us who have a problem.

Perhaps this boy already have a problem with gays and lesbians. Hence the use of the word 'perversion'. People always feel 'perversed' on something they do not understand. And they assume that gays are under 'the enemy's power' as if Satan has nothing better to do then recruiting gays. He obviously forgot Satan works loud, and promote everything negative, like a huge church called COOS on a mission to deny people who are born different a life.

From this session, I realized that there are many different types of homosexual according to how they deal with their problems. First there are the kind who know that this is wrong and they abstain from such behavior and act normal. However this kind of reaction is dangerous as it may lead to seeking of pornography and masturbation as a form of fulfilling their hunger. The root of the problem is still there. Then there is the kind who leads double lifestyles where they are married with kids but have homosexual relations outside their marriage and it is kept secret from their wives. This most often leads to the danger of STD from their promiscuous double life and when the cat is let out of the bag, it may lead to divorces which lead to broken families and having emotional strain on the kids. The third kinds are the activist who promote their form of lifestyle as good and seek to decriminalize homosexuality in countries and also to criminalize speaking against them and saying that this is wrong and is a problem ought to be solved. This is what is happening to Singapore right now where the government is considering amending section 377 of the penal code which as it is now criminalize homosexuality. However Singapore long has a close one eye policy where though it is illegal but no one has been charged under it yet for as long as it happens in private and not forced upon another. However in my opinion this should not be amended as it would lead to a slippery slope of legalizing gay marriages, allowing adoption of children by gay couples and giving gay couples the same rights as heterosexual parents. Imagine how detrimental it would be to the social fabric of our society. Singapore is a small country who relies on its people as it only resources to compete and survive. Faced with birthrates, are we encouraging behavior which would further decline our birthrate, but allowing same sex marriages and exposing our children to such a concept which in the long run would destroy our society. Not at all, we need to have a society with strong family structure to encourage people to start normal families breeding normal and healthy children who would grow up to be our resource and ensure our survival as a nation for the times to come.

Yet again mentions of STDs on line with homosexuality. These are lies that is only presented by the Christian anti-gay circle. Ask any doctor, and they would tell you all STDs do not discriminate. In fact, most carriers of STDs are heterosexual... (twilight zone theme). And again, the illusion of the gay agenda, and the 'human survival' theme. They forgot to inform people that overpopulation is a problem in today's world. Again the heterosexual dictatorship over homosexuals, heterosexuals now in Singapore can have oral and anal and run free, homosexuals must stay in the closet. I wonder if this boy sees the utter prejudice.

The rest of this paragraph depicts the ex-gay, the closeted gay and the pro-gay, and taught in line with ex-gay ministries. I hope one day this shallow boy opens his mind and see the world, sans the labels and closeting himself only four walls in the church and not seeing the world outside. Now the word 'concept' to describle homosexuality. That is new, and ridiculous. It is a sexual orientation. No wonder so many Singaporeans choose to turn to atheism, on the face of such militancy.

Pro gay activist would argue that being homosexual is something natural and not a choice however many research and evidence of cases from choices ministry have shown otherwise. Homosexual behavior is not genetic but rather due problems which developed during upbringing of a child or incidents which leave scars in certain points of a person’s life. An example is when during the development of a male child for example; he needs a father to teach him during around 12 years of age to detach from his mother and how to be a man. If this is absent in a case of single parents or the father is simply to busy to spend time with the child, the problem remains till puberty and the next stage of development which is sex is confused with the early stage of need a male figure. Thus this would lead to the confusion of needing a male for sex which develops the homosexual behavior and many people just seem to have the feeling but the root of the problem here which they fail to realize is the lack of a father figure during childhood development.

Again, the parents absence theory. For most people who knows the real hard truth, they would know this science is yelped only by ex-gay ministry affiliated doctors. No doctors with a sane mind approves such theories, because this would lead to the assumption that all often absent parent produces all homosexual children. The problem with the untrained mind is they think, but never research. Heterosexual children are also faced with parent absence, but why are they not homosexual then?

This would lead to parents who has always been there with their children to be blamed for a natural orientation given by God when it happens. And the equation is so easily rejected: If absent father + abandoned boy = homosexual and absent mother + abandoned girl = lesbian, then absent father and mother + abandoned child = orphan = asexual? Or absent father + abandoned girl = ? This last line is equated by ex-gay ministries that in the face of an absent father, the girl would take a male lead and become a tomboy and a lesbian. This after the absent mother theory that they say would make the girl closer to her father and therefore will become a tomboy and a lesbian. So you understand now the junk science by theses ex-gays? So does that mean the prescence of both parents + loved child = bisexual?

Another case is where in the case of a single parent family, and the mother or father is so domineering and fearful that the child develops a fear for the particular sex and generalize all sex to be like that. Therefore a male with a domineering mother would have a phobia towards females and would not seek to find intimacy in females and would turn to males instead. The last example is when a person such as a girl finds herself being cheated by a man in a relationship and makes her loses her faith in males. This would lead to a phobia for males and causes the development of homosexual behavior for females to seek solace and protection from men.

Anyone reading this would realise it totally contradicts itself again. So does that mean when a female with a domineering mother would have a phobia towards females and go sleep with males instead? That would be a sin too, rite? And the cheated by man thingy. Wow. This would mean ALL female divorcees because of men commiting adultery outside, are lesbians. Can someone please prove this, or shut up?

From the above, we can see that homosexuality is not genetic or anything natural but what I would call forced choices by circumstances and environment. Therefore it is a problem and people need to want to seek help for it and turn from their homosexual ways.

It is amazing what such militant organization can do to a boy like this. It is boring to paste, but:

I have no doubts that it is possible for someone to be homosexual inlearnt. But please spare a thought for those homosexuls who are inborn. Nothing is more annoying than to use minority junk science as a representation of a majority, especially when the majority of homosexuals found out they are homosexuals by 6 years of age, have no problems whatsoever with their parents, have no problems communicating with men and women... and please take care of your own heterosexual sins before you judge homosexuals....

In conclusion I would like to say that homosexuality is a problem and a serious one and I would urge people who have friends with such problems to seriously pray for them and hope that they would be willing to accept help and want to change. Finally I pray that god would bless Singapore as a nation that we and our leaders would stand strong against the negative influence of the world and not amend the penal code to legalize gays as it would risk the destruction of our society and make it illegal for churches or anyone to speak against them as we are the protecting our children from the evils of our world and helping to keep them pure, god loving and faith children of god. I finally pray for people who have such problems to not be shy about it but rather faced it and truthfully seek help for the problems you have. May god bless all of us. Amen
Yes, trully, may God bless us all when these untrained minds are further controlled by an anti-gay exlcusive brethren bent on destroying homosexual people's lives just because they feel their heterosexuality is superior.

P.S. - I find it absolutely repulsive that they say they are to protect their children from people like homosexuals, when countless children unfortunately born with homosexuality are being bullied and violently abused everywhere. They are actually mindless enough to think that homosexuality is a virus that can infect children. Sorry to say this. Homosexuality is not a contagious disease. Prejudice and discrimination is.

Be aware parents with children in COOS, when your children comes home all muddied and with scars all over their bodies. You must then choose whether to go against the people who promotes discrimination enough to spurt such violence against your children just because they may be born different, or condone their behaviour because you believe what junk other people defines for you more than your kids.

Or worse, they say it is you and your spouses' fault.


hOcmun said...

if God doesn't allow pagan sexual immorality such as homosexual, don't you think all the more He doesn't allow homosexual of His children?

just a thought. peace.


CrackerLilo said...

Perfectly said. When I read things like this, I think about Jesus' admonition that it's better to drown than to separate children from him. This is exactly what bigots do--separate gay, bi, and gender-atypical children from their churches and families.

Yuki said...

"if God doesn't allow pagan sexual immorality such as homosexual, don't you think all the more He doesn't allow homosexual of His children?"

Hocmun, pagan sexual immorality even exists with heterosexuals! Many of satanism and occults, even in Malaysia, practise sexuality in their practices of worship.

I think you heard of malay priests performing 'cleansing' acts by asking them to have sex?

We must separate what is pagan sexual immorality with same sex love AND sexual orientation.

This post is actually about the level misinformation of Choices Ministry in Singapore, how they use biased and junk science (do you notice the teachings are without any scientific base other than their own 'justified' opinions?) and control youths such as the person mentioned in the post, to actually belive that homosexuality is somewhat connected to some bleak past or poor relationships with parents or something.

Choices Ministry is totally at its most verocious wolvie state when it comes to children who are unfortunately born homosexuals to an accepting family, only to ridiculously tell the public that the children were abused or the parents must have done something to make their child homosexual...

However stupid it sounds, Choices is determined to prove homosexuality is inlearnt, even when all the medical and mental health professionals' research for the past decades is leaning closer to evidence of biological bases for homosexuality; the hard truth is ignored, misrepresented, or thrown out the window for the sake of their 'ministry''s growth.

Worse come to worse, even at the face of hardcore realities about homosexuality, they would say 'God says so'. Using the name of God in vain is disgusting. Using the name of God to press sexual orientation superiority over another is appalling.

"This is exactly what bigots do--separate gay, bi, and gender-atypical children from their churches and families."

Crackerlilo, if you read my earlier post on a Singapore church's claim on a 'gay agenda', you would realise Jesus is missing there. What is left of the 'church' is how to change something they find organizationally intolerant, instead of leading people to have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.