Friday, September 28, 2007

The Bible Says So: Part One (Introduction).

The Holy Trinity consists of the Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. But for some sects of Christianity, it had become the Holy Five-O with additions of The Religion, The Bible. The last of the five are for the Bible worshippers. These are people who believe that The Bible is The Word Of God itself. It is the far cry from the truth of the Bible as the inspired Word Of God.

For example, when Paul (formerly known as Saul), writes to his son Timothy, he is writing a letter to another fellow human being. Paul was inspired by his own personal convictions in God in what he wrote, similarly to what he wrote to the Romans and the Corinthians. Paul is not God.

But those who worship the Bible, confuses Paul’s words as God’s words. To this end, cherry picking Bible verses to be used to condemn situations they find intolerable happens. The same way it is used to condemn homosexuals. The amazing thing is the amount of words off the Bible that seemed to be virtually ignored for convenience’s sake, some that even God himself demanded a death sentence.

This is a presentation of a list of verses, sentences and passages in the Bible concerning most of the things that are taken lightly in today’s culture in the name of comfort. And some because of change of times. There is no denying that these are the very words from the Bible, therefore there could never be an excuse for it. Which is why it is believed the Biblical intolerance towards homosexuals would one day come to past.

There are also those attempts to go further as to justify some why verses from the Bible that are in non-effect today. Some of the excuses given are:

- Some parts of the Bible cannot be applied today because of different culture and times.
- Some parts of the Bible are only applicable to certain groups like the Jews.

Funny thing is there are still no justifications from anyone on why the Bible is pro-slavery. But most Christians claim the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word Of God.

It is very interesting however, to note that homosexuals are not given the same justifications. The general rule applies here now. If some parts the Bible is not relevant for today, why not all of it? Why pick on homosexuals? If some laws or verses only apply for different groups of people so to speak, that would mean all of the sentences from the Bible that is used to condemn homosexuals, are actually invalid!

The Bible is supposed to be the ultimate guide in knowing God is our own personal journey; it is therefore disappointing that it is being used as a weapon of oppression. To many, Christ represents hope for mankind in times of turmoil; unfortunately, there exists religion worshippers bent on taking away hope from a specific community, just because of differences in people, from blacks and now sexuality. It has happened before, as we will examine Bible in this article’s next part.

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