Monday, August 20, 2007

Announcement: Yuki is now non-Christian identified.

In regards to the events that happened in the past couple of years as a Christian Transsexual Female, stretching from the encounters with Pastor Edmund Smith (Real Love Ministry) to Reverand Ou Yang (Metropolitan Community Church); I hereby resign myself from being Christian identified until further notice.

This is by personal conviction backed by medical sciences, experiences, Christian faith, social circumstances and the selfish reality of these 'ministries'. I have found much impartiality, prejudice, manipulation in these circumstances in reference to the former, an ex-gay group bent on promoting intolerance based on religion led by a sexually insecure or confused straight, and latter, a militant based SSA affirming group led by a man indulging in numbers or empowerment.

This is also due to the disappointing and appalling response from Christians throughout the blogs in Malaysia in regards to the truth and facts of gender identity and sexual orientation. The lines are already blurred by such parties, and it does not need me to add to the equation.

The soon to be established Reflections Ministry in Malaysia would still be a Christian affiliated group, but I shall take little or no part into discussions in relations to transgender or homosexual issues, and will delegate the faith part to a responsible Christian brother or sister. My part would be still fighting mostly for education about, and human rights for transgenders worldwide.

Thank you.


Peterson Toscano said...

Yuki, I have been reading your blog with interest and feel so grateful that you are doing the work that you do.

Christine Bakke and I started earlier this year. She does not identify as Christian while I do. This actually works out very well for us, because so many of our TLBGQ family are post-Christian and need people who can relate to where they are without shaming them about faith issues.

The one problem is that so many gay Christians seem to try to convert Christine BACK saying "Don't Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater." Well, perhaps some babies are meant to fly.

All the best to you on your journey and in your work.

Yuki said...

I just wish I have more assistance from other LGTs around, that would really make a difference for Asia.

I thank you for your support on what I am doing. I do feel alone in this fight, so having my blog read by you is encouraging indeed. When a prominent exgay survivor comments on your blogsite, it means you are doing something rite.

Joseph a.k.a. Apom Balik said...

All the best to you, yuki.