Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome To The Homosexual 'Lifestyle' - Picnic.

Just as in any lifestlye, asexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, homosexuals or whatever; we would all love to have picnics together. You know, the good old days where we would go have a picnic up in a hill somewhere with our school Christian Fellowship brethren or at a beach with our usual Karaoke junkies, munching away peanut butter sandwiches or home cooked noodles, and who can forget to bring the cans of 100plus. This relaxing activity is just as normal as anything.

However, this article tears the notion apart:


The organiser said in a statement: "The (National Parks) Board is clearly misinformed about the intention of 'In the Pink'; it was meant as no more than a social event for friends from the community. But their misapprehension is not surprising, since anti-gay elements are constantly painting every gay activity as dangerous and subversive."

Yep. We all get the message. You cannot have a picnic in broad daylight because this bad, so bad homosexual 'lifestyle' is so disgraceful and repulsive. Yeah, it is so disgusting to see people eating bread and toast with cans of Pepsi, sweating while they kick some football around, chatting together and gossiping, playing some deck of cards, listening to radio in the outdoors... No! We cannot condone such promiscuous 'lifestyle'. It is simply not in our culture to allow picnics!....

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