Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jesus image in Tamil daily.

Anger at Malaysia 'Jesus cartoon'.

A Malaysian newspaper is facing calls to shut down after it published an image of Jesus holding a cigarette and what appeared to be a can of beer.

Malaysia's Muslim-led government closed two publications last year for carrying controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Now some members of Malaysia's minority religions say they want the same treatment over this latest incident.

Religion is a famously sensitive subject in Malaysia.

So when Tamil-language newspaper, Makkal Osai, published a picture on its front page apparently showing Jesus smoking and drinking it was bound to cause offence.

Christian groups said that although the Jesus of the Bible was a compassionate figure - who turned water into wine, shared a flagon with his disciples at the Last Supper and mixed with tax collectors and prostitutes - action should still be taken.

The paper has since issued an apology, explaining that a graphics editor had mistakenly taken the image from the internet. Most of Malaysia's churches appear to have been appeased.

Not so though the Malaysian Indian Congress, an ethnic Tamil political party in the governing coalition, most of whose members are Hindu.

A senior party official has demanded that Makkal Osai's editor be sacked and the paper closed.

Interestingly, Makkal Osai has been very critical of the Malaysian Indian Congress, which owns a rival Tamil-language newspaper.

Non-Muslims are also waiting to see how the government responds, given that it took tough action over the publication of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

Yuki's thoughts: I do not see what the incident has got to do with the Malaysian Indian Congress, a chance for political revenge justified by religion? Strange.

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hOcmun said...

i think this is how people want to put the government down by demanding them to resolve such issue.

no doubt in terms of integrity, government should also close down this publication at once.

but looks like the government only care much of the national religion, and put the others in second priority.

nevertheless, those who know Jesus would also know his character and personality. So there's no need for such action, i would say, apology shows that they know it's wrong about Jesus than shutting down the publication.



CrackerLilo said...

It makes me sad that the response isn't to keep talking, but to shut down dialogue.

Yuki said...

Malaysia IS a country that closes up issues rather than deal with them. :(