Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A new sexual orientative agenda... Be prepared....

There is a new agenda on the rise:


... asexuals have had a low public profile and a real sense of isolation. Now they are banding together in a bid for recognition, understanding and acceptance....

Oh No. This new movement is becoming very active. Be warned.

Salisbury tells of one man she worked with who claimed to be asexual; it turned out that he'd been horrifically sexually abused and was making a very valid choice for himself to not engage in that aspect of life.

It is a sign. Trigger issues. When no passions are confused. This is the very threat to the constitution of marriage and family. There is no such thing as asexual. God says there is only heterosexual. God says we must all multiply and conquer the earth.

I know. We got to call those transformational ministries. Exodus International. Focus On The Family. Real Love Ministry. NARTH even. We really have to bust these unwanted feelings of no attraction. Show them your spouse. Show them your children. Show them the joys of being straight.

Preach to them that change is possible. Tell them it is a human right to have sex.

Do something!

Such rationales can frustrate asexuals, especially those who don't see themselves as fitting that model. As Kate says:
"I'd never been abused or all those sorts of reasons that people often roll out as possible reasons why you might be so called asexual.
I didn't feel I had a dysfunction or an illness."

They can still experience heterosexuality! They still have a choice to come out of asexuality!

Right, Eddie?







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