Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun with blog film ratings.

I had some fun with blog film ratings, so after trying it out here:

My ratings are:

Surprisingly, youths below 17 are not allowed on my blog unless they bring along their parents!

I share the pleasure of having this R rating with Ms. Marti Abernathey's blogsite (

and also (dreads) Scott Thong (


Unfortunately, no admitance is allowed youths below 17 at all for Ms. Autumn Sandeen. ( Seems her blogsite is rated:

--------------------- is rated:


Those blogsites with this rating...

Includes... Edmund Smith's Xgaysite ( and Xgaywatch (

Gosh... Edmund Smith is so innocent compared to me....


Autumn Sandeen said...

Yeah, everything I post on seems to be "adult" enough to cause all of the various site rating websites to classify my blog in the most adult of categories.

I wrote about another site rating service finding my blog adult material in my blog a few months back.

Yuki said...

Hi, sis! So nice of you to drop by, I have not checked up the site rating sevice you mentioned yet. I wonder how would my blog do? Hmmm.